22/01/2020 07:14
For many of us, chocolate is a guilty pleasure that we try to eat in very small amounts, but it could, in fact, be good for you. Yes -you read that right.
Posted By Matt Appleton
10/01/2020 09:42
Valentine's Day has much history and is a good reason to keep the momentum of confectionery sales going after the Christmas holidays.
Posted By Matt Appleton
09/01/2020 10:57
Diabetes is a prolonged condition in which glucose levels soar uncontrollably, meaning those with the condition must analyse everything they eat and manage their diet accordingly.
Posted By Matt Appleton
20/12/2019 10:09
Christmas isn’t Christmas without tasty treats. And what else signifies Yuletide quite like a little bag of gold coins tucked into the toe of a stocking or candy canes adorning the Christmas tree? But why candy canes and why chocolate coins?
Posted By Matt Appleton
11/12/2019 13:48
Wondering what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Give them the gift of nostalgia with some retro sweets.
Posted By Matt Appleton
11/12/2019 07:12

‘Pick n Mix’ are words that conjure up a colourful and tasty vision of hundreds of types of sweets in beautifully labelled clear jars or laid out along the self service aisle and with eyes glazing over with the wonder of them, a scoop in one hand,  paper bag in the other - oh, the predicament of what to choose?

Posted By Matt Appleton
10/12/2019 07:56
We all love the vision of the homely, glowing open fire with the traditional fireplace surround, covered with a decorative garland and the Christmas stockings hanging down ready for Santa to fill them with lots of yummy candy and chocolate treats. But, where did the early tradition of Christmas stockings start and why were they filled with oranges and nuts?
Posted By Matt Appleton
03/12/2019 11:20
Why you might want to swap to sugar free sweets and diabetic chocolate (even if you aren't diabetic).
Posted By Matt Appleton
24/11/2019 06:12
Confectionary is set to have another year of rising sales. Be ready for 2020 with the stock your customers demand.
Posted By Matt Appleton
24/11/2019 06:07

As the big day approaches, what sweets will you be delving into as you celebrate the festive holidays?

Posted By Matt Appleton

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