12/07/2020 08:16
At Appleton Sweets we have an excellent stock of sweets that can ensure your customers have the choices they desire whatever their summer activity.
Posted By Matt Appleton
26/06/2020 11:05
If you’re wondering how to keep kids entertained this summer, take a run through these excellent children’s sweet games. Caveat - you don’t need to host a kid’s party to enjoy playing games with sweets, these games are just as fun with a few children as they are with as many as you can handle!
Posted By Matt Appleton
20/06/2020 09:20
Toffee may not be one of the truly elder statesmen of confectionery, but has a history which can be traced back deep into the 19th century, possibly slightly earlier. In America, the ‘English Toffee’ they devour is actually more of a buttercrunch. By contrast, the toffee we sell here at Appletons, is the more familiar British style we all know and love.
Posted By Matt Appleton
11/06/2020 19:57

American food is the stuff of legend. Yes, it may be incredibly popular and exceedingly tasty because almost everything made Stateside is packed to the rafters with fat and sugar. But when it’s enjoyed as a treat, there is no better way to put a little zing into your day or to add sparkle to your breakfast bowl. And when it comes to breakfast cereal, nothing beats American breakfast cereal.

Posted By Matt Appleton
Posted By Matt Appleton
26/05/2020 11:22
If we get the summer we had a few years ago, it’s going to be an absolute cracker. So what can you do to maximise on the good weather? You could stock sweets in your sweet shop that are quintessentially summer sweets, for a start!
Posted By Matt Appleton
Posted By Matt Appleton
Posted By Matt Appleton
01/05/2020 08:34
If you’re looking to grow your sweet shop or your confectionery business by offering your customers a great selection of sweets, then look no further than Appleton Sweets.
Posted By Matt Appleton
17/04/2020 08:24
Swag bags - something that can really put a smile on the faces of delegates at a conference, at a networking event, seminars, conventions or even a street fair. 95% of those attendees will grab a swag bag and take it away with them.
Posted By Matt Appleton

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