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15/03/2020 07:11
The countdown to Easter starts when the great chocolate brand Cadbury begins its TV advertising campaign for the UKs favourite Easter egg - the small but sublimely sweet ‘Creme Egg’. And according to Cadbury World there are 500 million Creme eggs made every year, with us Brits consuming around two thirds of those produced and apparently according to statistics, sales of Easter eggs are around 80 million each year. Wow!
Posted By Matt Appleton
13/03/2020 07:14
You’ve probably seen the term ‘vegetarian sweets’ pop up if you’ve been buying confectionary online – but what does it actually mean? You may have guessed that these sweets don’t contain meat, so why else are they deemed to be vegetarian?
Posted By Matt Appleton
10/03/2020 08:12

With Easter Sunday around the corner, chocolate of all shapes and sizes will be flying off the shelves ready for the Easter celebrations with Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and all sorts of chocolate bars and individual chocolates being the traditional Easter confectionery.

Posted By Matt Appleton
07/03/2020 14:02

A very traditional confectionery treat which has a fine history and seems to be unique in each region it is produced. As popular as ever with more modern twists constantly being created.

Posted By Matt Appleton
29/02/2020 05:49
Gummy bears have probably been a part of your life ever since you can remember. What was your favourite? The green, yellow or red? What you probably didn’t realise is that the little gummy bear has had a lengthy history, dating back to the 1920s and has since become a firm-favourite chewy sweet for kids and adults alike.
Posted By Matt Appleton
27/02/2020 08:59
Eating sweets can become part of a healthy, lifelong eating pattern, providing you do so in moderation. Next time you deny yourself eating your favourite sweets, you may want to think again.
Posted By Matt Appleton
19/02/2020 07:45

Liquorice has been around for thousands of years, but how did it become the sweet treat it is today?

Posted By Matt Appleton
13/02/2020 07:30
As Valentine’s Day is approaching, we thought there’s no better time to take a look back over the 60-year history of the famous Love Heart sweets by Swizzels, that has become an iconic symbol of this generation.
Posted By Matt Appleton
08/02/2020 14:47

Weddings have always been big business, but now there is a real opportunity for wholesale sweet suppliers to get involved. Introducing the candy cart.

Posted By Matt Appleton
07/02/2020 15:15
As in every business, confectionery does not want to stand still. Developing new products or twists on trusted favourites means there is always a fresh idea brought to market.
Posted By Matt Appleton

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