Orders are currently taking around 3-4 working days to be delivered. Please see estimated delivery dates during the checkout process. Please be aware when ordering chocolate items during warm weather, we do not use refriderated transport and will not process refunds on heat damaged items.
Posted By Matt Appleton
26/05/2020 11:22
If we get the summer we had a few years ago, it’s going to be an absolute cracker. So what can you do to maximise on the good weather? You could stock sweets in your sweet shop that are quintessentially summer sweets, for a start!
Posted By Matt Appleton
Posted By Matt Appleton
Posted By Matt Appleton
01/05/2020 08:34
If you’re looking to grow your sweet shop or your confectionery business by offering your customers a great selection of sweets, then look no further than Appleton Sweets.
Posted By Matt Appleton
17/04/2020 08:24
Swag bags - something that can really put a smile on the faces of delegates at a conference, at a networking event, seminars, conventions or even a street fair. 95% of those attendees will grab a swag bag and take it away with them.
Posted By Matt Appleton
14/04/2020 10:35
Sugar-free might not be the immediate idea that springs to mind when you’re organising a kid’s birthday party.
Posted By Matt Appleton
14/04/2020 08:25
With the coronavirus lockdown looking unlikely to be relaxed any time soon, keeping kids entertained can be a real challenge.
Posted By Matt Appleton
01/04/2020 09:35
If you’re looking for inventive ways to celebrate and enjoy Easter chocolate, why not try some easy bake and no-bake edible Easter recipes, or make some Easter decorations?
Posted By Matt Appleton
15/03/2020 07:11
The countdown to Easter starts when the great chocolate brand Cadbury begins its TV advertising campaign for the UKs favourite Easter egg - the small but sublimely sweet ‘Creme Egg’. And according to Cadbury World there are 500 million Creme eggs made every year, with us Brits consuming around two thirds of those produced and apparently according to statistics, sales of Easter eggs are around 80 million each year. Wow!
Posted By Matt Appleton

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