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10 Sweets That MUST Be In A Sweet Shop Display

25/07/2019 06:47

Appletons Sweets has been supplying sweet shops and confectionery businesses since 1945. We’ve seen trends in sweet buying come and go and many a fad disappear without a trace.

We’ve also seen some old favourites never lose their popularity. With the increasing resurgence of traditional sweet shops and ways of selling sweets, we thought we’d give you a guide to choosing the best sweets for a display.

Here are 10 sweets which really have to take centre stage:

1. Catherine Wheels. Liquorice swirls wrapped around a jelly spog are just too tempting for lovers of liquorice. One of the favourites which feed both nostalgia in the older customer and fascination in the youngsters.

2. Rainbow Nerds. There are many American candy brands taking the sweet industry by storm in the UK. Colourful candy pieces which are extremely popular with the younger generation.

3. Sherbet Fountain. Another classic featuring liquorice. A stick of liquorice which is used to dip into heavenly sherbet. Not just a sweet, a taste adventure. They have never lost their popularity.

4. Haribo. Boxes of sweet delights from Haribo are too numerous to list. Give your customers that zing on their tongue by focussing on the Sour Cherry Gummy Sweets. The ultimate in sweet and sour.

5. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled. It is claimed that the jelly bean can chase its history back over 100 years in America. Whether this is true or not, here is an extremely popular modern take on the classic candy. This selection features ‘weird and wild’ flavours. Tempting!

    Sweet shop display - The best of the rest ...

    6. Rhubarb And Custard. A timeless sweet. These double flavoured hard sweets still grabbing the attention, generation after generation. Customers will be checking your shelves to make sure you are a proper sweet shop and stock these beauties. Barnett’s jars of rhubarb and custard are also gluten-free and vegetarian.

    7. Chupa Chups. This wheel of sugar-free hard lollies is a real attention grabber. And, with good placement, the eager customers will be grabbing at them the moment they see them. Popular with the younger customer but a treat at any age.

    8. Jelly Babies. Timeless sweets with connections: After George Harrison from The Beatles declared that jelly babies were his favourite sweet, fans used to throw them at the band wherever they went. What a waste. Still an absolute favourite, whether sold by weight or in bags.

    9. MIlk Chocolate Brazil Nuts. Your main display wouldn’t be complete without some chocolate. Nor, for that matter, without some nuts. Why not give a prime spot in your display to these crunchy delights. They really are a year-round favourite.

    10.Fruit Salad And Black Jack Chews. Chosen from our guide to the 50 best pick and mix sweets, these classic, individually wrapped chews are still as popular as ever. They can be sold individually, or as part of a weighed pick and mix display. 

    We’ve given you a mere taster of the 1000’s of delights to be found on our website and in our warehouse. See our whole range to whet your appetite further. 

    Posted By Matt Appleton
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