10 Must-Know Facts About Confectionery

10/05/2019 09:15

10 must-know facts about confectionery

1. Fudge was first made in the USA in the 1880s.

Fudge is thought to have been invented in America in the 1880s when a batch of caramel didn’t go to plan. It was first sold in 1886 in a store in Baltimore. It sold for 40 cents per pound.

So fudge was invented...by accident?


……...Yes, that’s right!!!

2) Smarties were first called “crottes de lapin”

Or rabbit droppings…

Sound delicious…

3) Japan produces the largest amount of KitKat flavours.

These flavours include Apple, banana, green tea, soy sauce and cherry blossom.

There are over 80 flavours!!!

4) On average, Brits consume 226 Mars Bars per year.

5) British children consume, on average, 307 tubes of smarties a minute.

6) Liquorice Allsorts came about by accident!

Apparently, salesman Charlie Thomson dropped a tray of samples he was showing a client. The client was so impressed by the mishmash of shape and colours- Liquorice Allsorts were invented!

7) Snickers were first called Marathon Bars when they were marketed in the UK.

8) But Snickers were originally called “Snickers” in the USA when they were launched in 1930.

Apparently, they were named after a horse!

9) Blue smarties appeared in 1988 but were dropped in 2006 when the blue colouring was banned.

10) Rum and strawberry Aero bars were launched in 1972 but were dropped because production couldn’t keep up with demand.

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