10 Sweets from the 80s You Thought You’d Forgotten

28/07/2016 17:16

The 80s were a great time to be a kid, from the colourful fashions to the cheesy music, everything was just so much more fun back then. Of course, the best part about any childhood is the sweets, and here are 10 treats that will invoke a sense of nostalgia in any 80s kid. 

  • Drumstick lollies

Drumstick lollies were a staple of any 80s childhood. These sticky pink lollies have a unique raspberry and vanilla flavour, and were chewy enough to take out a loose baby tooth. drumstick retro sweets

  • Double Dips

Double Dips were made up of two dipping packets full of ultra-sweet cherry and orange sherbet. You’d then lick the sweet ‘swizzel stick’ and dip it into the sachets, enjoying a massive sugar rush. Double Dips used to be sold on the counter of every sweet shop, and are sadly quite rare now. However, they can still be brought from our site along with other retro wholesale sweets. 

  • Caramac

Caramac bars have actually been around since the late 50s, but exploded in popularity in the 80s, with every kid enjoying their creamy, caramel taste. caramac chocolate

  • Dolly Mixtures

These fun little sweets were a mixture of fondant and jelly shapes, all in bright, fun colours that kids loved. In the 80s, kids would often buy bags of Barratt’s Dolly Mixtures, or buy them by the quarter from old-fashioned sweet shops. 

  • Refreshers

Refreshers had a hard, chewy exterior, and a sharp sherbet middle that kids loved. In the 80s, only a lemon flavour was available, and the bright blue and yellow packaging has changed very little since then, providing a real blast from the past. 

  • White Mice

These cute little chocolate mice were often seen in jars at the sweet shop. They had an unusual white chocolate taste that was slightly chalky, but were always popular as an after school treat. white mice candy

  • Wispa

Wispa bars came onto the market in 1983, and this bubbly chocolate was a childhood fixture for many. So much so that when the bar was discontinued in 2003, there was a massive campaign to bring it back. Luckily, Cadbury’s saw sense and returned Wispa to the shelves, as well as Wispa Gold which has a gooey caramel centre. 

  • Wham bars

Wham bars came to the UK in the early 80s, and the original flavour was raspberry, with others following in time. These thin bars were chewy on the outside, and had strong sherbet inside for a burst of flavour. 

  • Fizz Whizz

Remember that rumour that a packet of popping candy and a can of coke would make your stomach explode? Every 80s kid tried combining a sachet of Fizz Whizz with a can of fizzy drink, but luckily we only ended up with a bit of a stomach ache. 

  • Candy Lipsticks

The 80s were a decade of glamour, and what could be more glamorous than licking these chalky candies and colouring your lips? They were an essential item for any 80s girl. candy lipsticks

Growing up in the 80s was a lot of fun, in part because of the colourful sweets available. Luckily, many of these retro favourites are still available through Appleton Sweets, so why not place an order and relieve some of your childhood?

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