10 sweets to make you smile this summer

07/06/2016 12:39

Here at Appleton Sweets, we love summer! We love the sunshine, beach breaks, garden parties and tourists everywhere! That’s why we’ve got a fantastic range of summer sweets to make sure that everyone is smiling all summer (no matter what their age, interests or summer holiday plans!).

Take a look at our top 10 sweets to make you smile this summer!

Appletons Blueberry Cables

Appletons Blueberry Cables are bright blue, fun chewy sweets that are sure to make the children smile this summer!

Candy Co Choc Mint Nougat Bars

The Chocolate Mint Nougat bars from The Real Candy Co are simply fantastic! 150g of mint chewy nougat covered in a chocolate coating, packed 12 to a box. Perfect!

Candy Floss 50g Tubs!

Every summer needs candyfloss! A superb candy floss in a plastic container. Our 50g tubs come in a variety of lid colours including yellow and purple. They also have a picture on the front that even the grumpiest of grandparents will have to smile about!

Candy Co Cram Fudge Bars

Yummy! The Clotted Cream Fudge Bars from The Real Candy Co are traditional summer treats. Made from 150g of clotted cream fudge, the bars are packed 12 to a box.

Frisia Mini Cables

Twisted marshmallows that are ideal for summer, the Frisia Mini Cables are supplied by ICA and are genuinely loved by people of all ages!

Fun Kandy Banana Split Pops

One banana. Two banana. Three banana. Pop!

The Candy Bros Banana Split Lollies are packed in a 50 count and come in a round tub. They are a round shaped lolly that are individually wrapped. What’s more, they have a lovely banana flavour.

Fun Kandy Jumbo Clear Dummies

One for the kids, the Jumbo Clear Dummies are supplied by Candy Brothers. They are great-tasting, hard, chewy rock dummies that come in clear colours, and are packed in 18 count.

Hannahs Ball Gum

Do you remember the ball of chewing gum in a Screwball ice cream? Well here they are (just without the ice cream!).

Hannahs Ball Gum are manufactured by Hannahs and come in 1000 count. They are very small pieces of chewing gum, that come in an assortment of colours with a great bubble gum taste.

Jelly Bean Cups

Made by The Jelly Bean Factory, the gourmet-flavoured jelly beans come packed in 12's x 200g cups, and are 100% natural flavours. There really has never been a better bean!

Lucky Dip Flower Bunch Pops

Hand pick your flower lollypop from the bunch! The Lucky Dip Flower Bunch Pops are colourful and tasty sweets that will look great in any wholesale sweet or confectionary store.

Summer Sweets from Appleton Sweets

We stock a wide range of summer confectionery, ranging from jelly beans to rock dummies to slush syrups, perfect for cooling down after a warm day in the sun!

So if these 10 sweets haven’t made you smile, then take a look at some more of our summer sweets!

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