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5 Great Sweets For A Retro-Themed Candy Buffet

26/09/2016 12:42

Candy buffets are now a common site at weddings, and not only do they look great, but they’re an easy alternative to individual favours. Guests can help themselves to the sweets they want, and even take a paper bag home at the end of the night. Many couples opt for a retro theme for their candy buffet, as it invokes childhood memories, and the colourful sweets look great in big, glass jars. So here are a few ideas for wholesale sweets that would be suitable for a vintage theme.

1.    Bonbons

Bonbons are a popular choice for candy buffets as they’re popular with all ages, and they look pretty on display. They can be co-ordinated with your colour scheme, for example strawberry bonbons would be great for a pink buffet, or you could have a few different colours layered in an old-fashioned candy jar.

2.    Lollipops

Lollipops are individually wrapped, so ideal for a candy buffet where people will be helping themselves. They look nice displayed in a large glass bowl, or you can easily make a lollipop tree or pyramid by using a large piece of foam. There are loads of retro lollies that your guests will love, from Chupa Chups to chewy Drumsticks.

3.    Love Hearts

The packaging on Love Hearts hasn’t changed over the years, and still looks bright and retro. Available in mini-tubes, these chalky sweets are popular with wedding candy buffets, and the romantic sentiments are ideal for your big day. Love Hearts are so popular with couples getting married that the iconic brand has also been featured on wedding cakes, invitations, and wedding decorations.

4.    Rhubarb & Custard

Who didn’t have a quarter of rhubarb & custard sweets after school? The sweets have been around for decades, and are loved by all ages. It can be hard to please everyone at a wedding, so adding retro favourites such as rhubarb & custards makes life so much easier. You can even get sugar free versions for guests with special dietary needs.

5.    Flying Saucers

These pretty, retro sweets are a big hit at weddings, and will no doubt remind guests of their childhood years. Flying Saucers have been popular for many years, and again have the aesthetic appeal that you want on a DIY candy buffet. They can be displayed in a big jar, or in a bowl, and would even make a great centrepiece on your tables.

If you are putting together your own candy buffet, then why not go for a retro theme? Retro sweets are nostalgic, colourful, and popular with all ages, so using them in a candy buffet will create an interesting talking point. Letting people choose their own sweets is so much more fun than favours, and means they can enjoy their sweets during the reception, or take something home with them. Appleton Sweets stock a wide choice of old-fashioned and vintage sweets at wholesale prices, making it easy to make your own candy buffet to suit your tastes.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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