5 Of Our Favourite Milk Chocolate Treats

27/07/2016 14:04

The 27th of July is officially Milk Chocolate Day, and at Appleton Sweets we’re excited to celebrate one of our favourite types of chocolate. Milk chocolate is one of the most popular chocolate types thanks to its sweet, creamy taste that appeals to all ages. The treat was invented around 1843 in Switzerland, when inventor and chocolate enthusiast Daniel Peter used the ‘milky flour’ that was a baby food to create milk chocolate, which is now found in so many confectionery products. Here are some of our favourite milk chocolate products, all of which can be ordered wholesale from Appleton Sweets.milk chocolate peanuts

1. Milk Chocolate Peanuts

Combining the sweetness of chocolate with the savoury taste of peanuts is a true stroke of genius. Chocolate peanuts have been around since the 1920s, and are still loved by people of all ages across the world. You’ll often see them in jars in traditional sweet shops, or sold by weight on market stalls.

2. Dairy Milkcadbury dairy milk

Cadbury’s have developed endless chocolate flavour combinations over the years, but it’s their classic Dairy milk bar that still remains a firm favourite. Launched back in 1905, the treat was designed to have a higher milk content than Cadbury’s other chocolate bars, and in the 1920s the ‘glass and a half’ slogan was dreamed up to emphasise the amount of milk in each bar. The bar is still extremely popular, and among the bestselling wholesale chocolate bars on our site.

The Dairy Milk recipe has also been used for various other products including Cadbury’s Buttons, Fruit and Nut bars, and Whole Nut, all wrapped in the distinctive purple packaging.kp chocolate dips

3. KP Choc Dips

KP Choc dips are small, blue pots that will no doubt evoke lots of childhood memories for your customers. Peel back the lid and you’ll find crunchy biscuit sticks, and a separate compartment filled with melted milk chocolate for dipping. They’re just the right size for kids, and we love that the packaging has barely changed over the years.

4. Milky Waymilky way chocolate

We simply can’t imagine growing up without the occasional treat of a Milky way bar. These kid-sized chocolate bars have a nougat centre, covered in a solid layer of creamy milk chocolate, making for a delicious, light treat. Milky Way bars were invented back in 1923, and since then the company has also launched the adorable Magic Stars, which are small, bite sized chocolate stars made from the same chocolate.

5. Galaxy Smooth Milk

Galaxy is a relatively new brand of chocolate that has been manufactured in the UK since the 1960s. Known as Dove in most other countries, Galaxy smooth milk tends to be much creamier and richer than its rivals, and has always been aimed at thegalaxy smooth chocolate adult market. The classic Galaxy Smooth Milk is their answer to Dairy Milk, and over the years lots of variations have been launched including Galaxy Caramel, Salted Caramel, and Cookie Crunch. Galaxy Minstrels combine crispy milk chocolate on the outside, with softer milk chocolate inside, and these bite sized treats have long been a bestseller.

It’s easy to see why milk chocolate has been used in so many products over the years, and Milk Chocolate Day is an excellent excuse to indulge in your favourites. Whether it’s the form of a bar, box, or bag, Appleton Sweets have all sorts of wholesale sweets and chocolate available to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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