5 Sweets That Are No Longer Around

07/05/2019 15:17

Do you remember these 5 iconic sweets that are no longer around?

1) Spangles

Spangles were rounded, square boiled sweets with a circular dip in them that were around from 1950, when rationing was still necessary. They were really popular sweets as they required just one token (other sweets and chocolate required two).

Spangles were discontinued in 1984.

2) Caramac KitKat

A limited-edition Caramac KitKat was bought out in 2005.

Due to popular demand, it returned for a while in 2007.

Will it make another comeback?


Quick sweets fact...

Did you know?

Around 40% of people say that the price of the sweets is the most important factor they consider when it comes to purchasing them.


3) Cadbury Snowflake

A Twirl with a white chocolate flake centre launched in 2000. The name was changed to Flake Snow in 2003 and then the sweets were “binned” in 2008. Shame really, as they were delicious.

4) Cadbury Dream

A white chocolate Dairy Milk. What’s not to love?

They were discontinued but can be bought for £2 from Sanza in the UK.

Read more here: 


Yes, £2 is a lot for 50g chocolate bar.


We’ve got lots of great value white chocolate here at Appleton Sweets.

5) Fuse

Chocolate filled with raisins, fudge, rice krispies, peanuts and nuts.

What wasn’t in a Fuse?

They were around for 10 years. Launched in 1996 and scrapped in 2006.

Which would you bring back?



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