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8 sweet ideas for your Christmas decorations and displays

12/12/2016 12:13
Xmas tree decorations

We’re celebrating Christmas here at Appleton Sweets and we’re sure you are too! But if you’re struggling for ides to decorate your confectionary store, or even your home, have you thought about creating some sweet-inspired innovations for your sweet decorations?

Christmas decorations made from sweets are always a huge hit! Think about the Christingle (an edible invention!) and popular orange and cinnamon home decorations, as well as gingerbread houses and candy cane creations.

What’s more, we’ve thought a little bit longer about some sweet Christmas decoration ideas for your confectionary store, and even your home! Take a look!

Chocolate Coin Jar

A jar filled with golden chocolate coins and decorated with green and red ribbon will make a unique centrepiece for your window display or Christmas table. Simply re-use an old glass jar and fill with chocolate coins (perhaps add a few sparkles if you’re feeling adventurous!).

Appleton Sweets’ Albert Belgian Chocolate coins are made using the finest Belgian chocolates and will make the perfect chocolate coin for your chocolate coin jar.

Candy Canes

Candy canes are an essential Christmas treat and can be hung on a Christmas tree for a fantastic festive decoration. We’ve got a range of candy cane flavours and colours here at Appleton Sweets!

Marzipan fruit table display

Why not put together a display of Marzipan fruit in a Christmas themed bowl on your Christmas table. A perfect treat for visitors, and a decorative display too!

Frozen Sweets

If your shop is popular with the little ones, or if you’ve got children who love the film Frozen (what little girl doesn’t dream of being Elsa, after all?), the Frozen sweet range at Appleton Sweets will go down a treat! Decorate your shop or household with Frozen goodies and you’ll create the perfect Christmas scene for children!

Marshmallow Snowmen

Making snowmen out of marshmallows is not only a fun Christmas activity for the children, the snowmen look great too!

All you’ll need is big marshmallows, small marshmallows, icing sugar and water, gummy sweets like Barratt’s Dew Drops (for the hat!), strawberry laces and some squeezy tubes of coloured icing! Brilliant!

Sweet-filled Christmas Stocking

A Christmas stocking full of their favourite sweet treats makes an excellent Christmas decoration, as well as a fantastic Christmas gift!

Chocolate Liqueur Display

Why not create a mini-table display of chocolate liqueurs? Team the chocolate liqueurs with some shot glasses, and you’ll create a fun and adult-targeted display!

Decorate a homemade edible Christmas Tree

You can make a homemade edible Christmas tree using a cereal-based recipe and decorate with sweeties, coloured icing, chocolate and more!

Festive Sweets for Christmas Decorations from Appleton Sweets

We’ve got tons of sweets available at Appleton Sweets that will be perfect for your Christmas sweets, decorations and Christmas gifts.

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