Cash and carry sweets for the summer holidays

30/07/2018 10:12

School’s out for summer and that means our confectionery store shelves constantly need re-filling! Whether it is a trip to the beach, a dip in the swimming pool, a visit to the cinema or another excursion, sweeties make a fun and seasonal addition to any summer day trip.

Here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a variety of cash and carry sweets for the summer holidays.

Don’t forget, we have been blessed with fantastic weather and there is a flaw in that, when ordering chocolate, because our lorries are not refrigerated, there could be issues with the products melting. Therefore, really think about your order before making it and make sure you have checked the weather forecast!

Here are just a few of the fantastic cash and carry sweets choices, perfect for the summer holidays:

They’re great value and tasty too.


Swizzels’ Variety Mix

A large selection of children’s favourites. The sweets in Swizzels’ Variety Mix include Love Hearts, Fizzers, Drumsticks, Double Lollies and more. The sweets come packed in a wholesale bulk bag that weighs 3kg. Perfect!

Jake Sugared Stars

These stars are super cute and super sweet! Jake Sugared Stars are a unique sweet that are halal approved jelly sweets that arrive in a 1kg wholesale bag.

Jamesons Peppermint Ruffles

A twist on the old-school Raspberry Ruffles, Jamesons Peppermint Ruffles are an exciting new twist on the classic sweets!

Haribo Chamallows

Marshmallows that are a great seller and manufactured by Haribo! You won’t go wrong with Haribo Chamallows, they’re loved by kids and grown-ups alike.

Barratt Sour Jelly Beans

A sour twist on the classic jelly bean, the Barratt sour jelly beans make the ultimate Pick’n’Mix addition to your confectionary selection. Watch the customers’ surprise when they realise these are no ordinary jelly beans!

Swizzels Drumsticks Lollipops

Nobody has ever been disappointed with a Swizzels Drumstick Lollipop! A classic sweet, perfect for the summer holidays!

A raspberry and vanilla flavour lollipop, on special offer with Appleton Sweets in time for summer! Enjoy!

Park Lane Sour Strawb Rings

Strawberry flavour gummy sweets with an extra sour twist, the Park Lane Sour Strawb rings are a flavoursome addition to a Pick ‘n’ Mix stand.

Haribo Sour Cherries

On offer for the summer from Appleton Sweets, grab them now for your confectionery store!

Order cash and carry sweets for the summer holidays from Appleton Sweets

Browse our huge range of cash and carry sweets to keep your confectionery store customers’ happy this summer!

We’ve got plenty of sweets that will manage a hot journey at great value prices!

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