Keep the children entertained with DIY Christmas sweet decorations

21/12/2017 16:11

With less than a week to go until Christmas, we’re super excited for the big day here at Appleton Sweets. What’s more, if you’ve finished work and the kids have finished school, you might be wondering what activities to do with them this week.

After all, excitement and hyperactivity probably fills the house!

So if you’re looking for ways to keep the youngsters occupied (and secure just a little peace and quiet!), take a look at the following Christmas indulgences! One, of which, is creating DIY Christmas sweet decorations (Our favourite!).

Enjoy a family Christmas film together

Indulge in your favourite Christmas movie, accompanied by a roaring fire, and your favourite sweets, of course!

You can make your own DIY Christmas popcorn too! Flavouring your popping corn with sugar, ginger, cinnamon and any other festive spices you fancy!

Make your own Mince Pies

Not exactly a brand-new idea, however, never underestimate the value of tradition with your young family!

If you make your own mincemeat, you could make this at the start of the week and make the pies towards the end of the week.

What’s more, if you really plan ahead, you can make the mincemeat for the following year and repeat this activity annually.

After all, what is Christmas without mince pies?!

Write a list to Santa

Time to sit the children down and get them writing a list to Santa. Depending on their age, you could make this into a learning activity, teaching them how to spell the words of the presents they’d like and even getting them to draw the gifts they’d like!

Follow this, of course, with a visit to your local Santa’s Grotto, perhaps at a local garden centre or town hall.

Make Christmas cards for the family

Family members love nothing more than receiving homemade Christmas cards from special youngsters in their lives.

Why not collect some pieces of tinsel, glitter, stars and other Xmas- themed decorations to sprinkle on their cards? You could also recycle last year’s Christmas cards to make new ones and use inventive techniques like potato printing and blow paints to entertain the youngsters.

Create some of the following DIY Christmas Sweet Decorations

Christmas sweets are an absolute essential in every confectionary store, household, business and office over the festive period and kids particularly love creating Christmas decorations with their favourite sweets!

Whether you choose to fill a Christmas bauble with festive treats, make your own gingerbread men or gingerbread house, or perhaps even make edible tree decorations, you’re guaranteed to have fun with the kids, no matter how simple your DIY Christmas sweet decoration activity!

Check out the following DIY Christmas sweet decorations below and take your pick of fun, handmade festive treats!

1. Crafts with a Christmas Candy Cane!

 The candy cane is a traditional Christmas sweet that everyone can enjoy. Whether you opt for the classic peppermint flavour or a different take on the candy cane, try out these festive craft ideas to enjoy with the Candy Cane from Woman’s Day

2. Christmas Bauble full of festive treats

 Buy a bauble that divides in half and fill it with your favourite festive sweets! Buy a selection of Pick ‘n’ Mix sweeties and share them out amongst your children. They’ll love opening the bauble on Christmas day and enjoying their sweeties!

3. Gingerbread house recipe

 Nothing brightens up a Christmas table like a Gingerbread house and the Simple Gingerbread house recipe from BBC Good Food provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own gingerbread house. And what’s even better is the fact you can choose your own sweeties!

4. Homemade Crackers

 Why not make your own crackers and pop a sweet inside too? Homemade crackers will look great as decorations and are great fun to pull on Christmas day! You can personalise them, keep them simple and even write your own jokes (We’ll leave that down to you whether that’s a good idea or not!). if your kids are too young to make their own, you could make the cracker and they can pop the goodies inside!

5. Sweet filled stocking

Simple, sweet and fun for the kids! Either make your own stocking, or fill a ready-made one!

6. Festive Sweet Jar

 Decorate a simple glass jam jar and fill it with sweets! These make a great present too!

 Enjoy 12 sweets for the 12 Days of Christmas!


And, finally, there is no better time for sweets than Christmas, of course! And here are our top 12 Christmas sweets for the 12 days of Christmas. Enjoy!

1.Christmas Candy Canes

 There is no other time of year when candy canes taste better! Relevant, delicious and in the spirit of Christmas, a festive season should never be without candy canes!

2. Lemon Sherbets

 Lemon sherbets are always well-received and make a refreshing contrast to many Christmas treats!

3. Chocolate Coins

 No Christmas is complete without chocolate coins!

 4. Ferroro Rochers

 A luxurious chocolate for Christmas time is a must-have!

5. Shortbread

 Everybody loves Shortbread and it is a particularly popular choice of biscuit during the festive period.

 6. Jack Daniels Fudge

 One for the adults, Jack Daniels Fudge is a delicious fudge that can be enjoyed with a festive coffee at Christmas time.

7. Jelly Beans

 Whether it is a gift box or jar of jellies, jelly beans are another Xmas favourite!

8. Lindor Truffles

Many people love Lindor and would be more than happy to receive the chocolates as a gift.

9. Lindt Tree Decorations

Fun, yet luxurious, chocolates to hang on the tree. What could be more festive than that?

10. Turkish Delight

Love it or hate it, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without sharing Turkish Delight with the family!

11. Vidal Christmas Trees, Snowmen and Vidal Gingerbread Men

 Tasty, festive and adored by the children, we love the Vidal Christmas Trees, Snowmen and Gingerbread men at Appleton Sweets.

12.Toffee Hammer

 And, last but by no means least, a toffee hammer can make a fantastic Christmas gift and offers pure sweet indulgence!

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Appleton Sweets

 We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year here at Appleton Sweets! We hope you enjoy your sweet festive creations and see you in the New Year!



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