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Prepare your confectionary store this Easter with...chocolates, sweets, fizzy drinks, egg-cetera!!

01/03/2018 14:33

We might be in the midst of lent after indulging on pancake day, however, Easter really isn’t too far away (we promise!). So while you are fasting from your favourite consumable treats, don’t forget that Easter is just around the corner!

And, with Easter treats in mind, we’ve got tons of Easter sweets, treats, fizzy drinks, chocolates and other goodies that are sure to provide fun this holiday period- for school children and adults alike!

From mini-eggs, to chocolate treats to sherbet dips and more, we’ve got lots of treats to ensure you can fill your confectionary store for the best Easter ever!

After all, if you stock up on the following wholesale sweets, you’ll be sure to please the customers!

Trust us, you don’t want to leave the following sweets out of your Easter basket!

Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs

Supplied by Kinnerton, the Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs are beautifully wrapped in various colours and a must-have for Easter!

Chocolate Flavour Chick Foiled Eggs

The same chocolate eggs from Kinnerton, as above, but wrapped with a chick-themed wrapping. You can’t get more Easter-like than that!

Haribo Easter Jelly Bunnies

The Haribo Easter Jelly Bunnies are a fabulous Easter sweetie with a difference! Available in various colours and flavours, the Haribo Easter Jelly Bunnies make a fun addition to any confectionary store. After all, everybody loves Haribo, especially those themed for a specific holiday!

Giant Gummy Candy Bunny

The Giant Gummy Candy Bunny is bound to attract interest to your confectionary store. What’s more, why not invest in the Giant Gummy Candy Carrot to go with it?!

Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs

The Milk Chocolate Speckled are both delicious and perfect for an Easter treat! Supplied by Tidmans, they are a fantastic price and are bound to be enjoyed by various customers this Easter.

Haribo Fried Eggs

A different take on the Easter egg, the Haribo Fried eggs can indeed offer a new kind of Easter egg for our upcoming holiday celebration!

A favourite for everyone, you can never go wrong with the Haribo Fried Eggs, especially not for Easter!

Pez Easter Sweets

In celebration of Easter, these Pez dispensers are in the shape of various Easter characters. They make excellent novelty sweets, as well as being a great option for Easter prizes and more!

More Easter sweets for your confectionary store from Appleton Sweets

And if the above treats aren’t enough to fill your confectionary store with pride, then why not browse our further range of Easter sweets! Enjoy!




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