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Popular Halloween Sweets and How They Got Their Names

10/10/2018 11:19

 Happy Halloween!


Halloween is a popular holiday, one that particularly involves sweets! Whether it is Trick or Treating, a Halloween fancy dress party or another spooky occasion, Halloween is definitely a favourite amongst sweets lovers!


Before we list our popular Halloween sweets from Appleton Sweets, let’s take a look at a few big brands and how they got their names:


3 Musketeers


Introduced in 1932, at first, the 3 Musketeers feature chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Later, the vanilla and strawberry disappeared.  


Jolly Ranchers


Bill Harmsen wanted the Jolly Rancher company brand name to sound fun! It’s clear he definitely managed that!




The name Butterfinger came from term”Butterfingers” to describe clumsy people!




Mars introduced Snickers in 1930 by the Mars Family, named after their favourite horse.


Life Savers


Lifesavers look a lot like Polo’s and are named Lifesavers because they look like the lifesaving float.


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup was started by Harry Burnett Reese who previously worked for the Hershey Chocolate Company.


Halloween Sweets from Appleton Sweets


Haribo Yellow Bellies



Fruit flavoured Haribo snake sweets with yellow bellies, an absolutely delicious Halloween treat!


Jelly Belly Pet Gummi Tarantula


A large gummy tarantula, perfect for Halloween! Perhaps not for those we are terrified of spiders!


Hannahs Skulls


Another Halloween themed treat, Hannahs skulls are tasty treats that are white and pink in colour.  


Jake Jelly Red White Bones


Jelly Red and White Bones make spooky Halloween sweets for your trick or treat bucket.


Kingsway Dracula Teeth


The children will be gnashing their jaws at you with these Kingsway Dracula teeth.


Kingsway Fizzy Snakes


Kingsway Fizzy Snakes are available in an assortment of colours and fruity flavours. A fun and fizzy sweet for Halloween!


Kingsway Dentures


More Halloween teeth! The Kingsway Dentures are fruit-flavoured gummy sweets in the shape of dentures!  


Kingsway Jelly Filled Sweets


More skulls but this time jelly filled by Kingsway!


The Kingsway Jelly Filled Sweets are realistic candy sweets that taste fantastic!


Vidal Horror Jelly Mix


A mixture of horror themed sweets including jelly pumpkins, bats and more! The Vidal Horror Jelly Mix are a tasty treat for Halloween.


Vidal Psychodelic Mice


Brightly coloured mice, psycho in nature, the Vidal Psychodelic Mice are a popular Halloween sweet!


Strawberry Blood Bags


Not for the faint-hearted, the Strawberry Blood Bags are a gruesome sweet for Halloween.


Vidal Jelly Pumpkins


The Vidal Jelly Pumpkins are included in the Horror Mix but this bag is purely pumpkin!


Browse more Halloween Sweets from Appleton Sweets


We’ve got more Halloween Sweets available at Appleton Sweets. Browse our spooky range and order before the celebrations begin!

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