A Basket of Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets

02/04/2017 10:05
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A Basket of Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets

If you haven’t already, it’s time to order your Easter sweets! For many people, they may have given up sweeties for lent and will be treating themselves to their favourite sweeties this Easter. For others, they’ll simply be joining in with the celebrations and enjoying their Easter eggs and favourite sweet and chocolate sweets.

Therefore, in order to make the maximum profit during the celebrations, confectioners need to know what sweets are the most popular this Easter and what to order in.

Take a look at the following pick of Easter sweets from Appleton Sweets. Sell these in your confectionary store this Easter and you are guaranteed to please your customers (and make plenty of sales)!

Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs

Easter would not be the same without some mini, foiled chocolate eggs. Supplied by Kinnerton, the Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs from Appleton Sweets are wrapped in different colour foil and are delicious mini chocolate eggs. Perfect for Easter Parties, Easter craft, Easter gifts and more, the Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs will be loved by kids (and adults!) everywhere! Packed loose in a 3kg bulk bag, the chocolate eggs cost £11.79 (ex. VAT) and £14.15 (inc. VAT). 

Dulce Plus Sour Fried Eggs 

An alternative to the traditional chocolate egg, the Dulce Plus Sour Fried Eggs are yummy, soft foam candy sweets, shaped like an egg.

The sweets come in a bag that weighs 1kg and cost £2.79 (ex. VAT) and £3.35 (inc. VAT) as a wholesale item.

Disney Chocolate Eggs

Appleton Sweets have a range of Disney Chocolate Eggs that will be loved by children everywhere and feature their favourite Disney characters!

Think Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Cinderella and you’ll soon see how you won’t disappoint the kids this Easter!

The Disney Chocolate Eggs cost £13.99 (ex. VAT) and £16.79 (inc. VAT) from Appleton Sweets and are a must-have for your confectionary store this Easter!

Chocolate Flavoured Bunny Foiled Eggs

Bring back Easter tradition with the Chocolate Flavour Bunny Foiled Eggs! Supplied by Kinnerton, the eggs are a foil-wrapped chocolate egg with a bunny print on the foil. Perfect for an Easter Egg hunt or Eater basket, the Chocolate Flavoured Bunny Foiled Eggs cost £11.79 (ex. VAT) and £14.15 (inc. VAT.

What’s more, we’ve got the option of a Chocolate Flavour Chick Foiled Egg too! 

More Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets

We’ve got more Easter Sweets for you to choose from on our website. Happy Easter-egg hunting! 

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