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A Chocolate Eggstravaganza!

15/03/2020 07:11

The countdown to Easter starts when the great chocolate brand Cadbury begins its TV advertising campaign for the UKs favourite Easter egg - the small but sublimely sweet ‘Creme Egg’. And according to Cadbury World there are 500 million Creme eggs made every year, with us Brits consuming around two thirds of those produced and apparently according to statistics, sales of Easter eggs are around 80 million each year. Wow! 

Chocolate at Easter time comes in all shapes and sizes and it really is the period where chocolatiers can really go to town on their products - remember the moment in the movie ‘Chocolat’  when Vianne the chocolatier reveals her Easter shop window full of sensational chocolate sculptures and treasures? Big chocolate producers are no exception and this year Lindt the Swiss Chocolatier has produced a larger version of their traditional gold foil covered chocolate Easter bunny -  in fact ten times bigger and weighing in at 1kg! And the chocolate shop chain Hotel Chocolat has a gorgeously classic ‘Ostrich Egg’ made from dark and milk chocolate and caramel with this too weighing in at a whopping 1kg. Of course, these are the luxury and top end eggs not your everyday Easter chocolate eggs that would be found in a traditional Easter Egg hunt.

Easter baskets can be filled with many different shapes and sizes of Easter candy ranging from luxury to the most popular and in the UK along with the Creme egg,  the ranges of chocolate eggs that will be consumed this Easter will be from producers including Cadbury with their hugely popular medium sized trio of  Milk Chocolate Buttons, Milk Chocolate and Creme Egg, the high street chocolate producer Thornton has it’s Marvellous Magnificent egg and from the famous London store Fortnum and Mason, a perfectly pink egg. 



There will be consideration from some consumers about the sustainability of the Easter egg product and may look to purchase a product that has recyclable packaging and made from sustainable materials such as having compostable film bags and using vegetable based inks for printing or packaging. For customers who also have particular dietary requirements and look for products that may be vegan, vegetarian or with reduced sugar content or free from sugar there are many products on the market that are becoming available on the market with no less flavour or texture.  And if your customers are looking for a vegan product that has a rich and slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate then Beechs has a range of luxury, dark chocolate eggs with a natural minted crisp in the centre, making them a very tasty little surprise.

‘Free from’  ranges are expanding to satisfy the growing market and believe it or not!  not everyone enjoys chocolate and will look for dietary alternatives for the Easter celebrations. Giving more customer choice on your confectionery shelves ensures that the Easter ‘Eggstravaganza’ includes not just the traditional chocolate eggs but offers a super variety of Easter confectionery and gifts and making Easter great! 

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