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Alcohol infused sweets

25/10/2019 10:42

Of course, sweets are traditionally aimed at the younger generations. Fruity flavours, sweet sensations and sparkly packaging all lure the children to find their favourite treats.

Sometimes, though, the adults get in on the act with alcohol infused sweets aimed purely at them.

There may not be a huge range to choose from, but there is quite a history of alcohol featuring in out sweet treats. And the choices extend to more than simply chocolate liqueurs.

One of the most common drinks to feature in sweets is the creamy liqueur, Baileys. Why not try some chocolate twists or luxury Baileys fudge with salted caramel?

The good old wine gum surely contains alcohol?

One sweet which doesn’t contain any alcohol is the wine gum! Despite its name, this classic, first sold in 1909,  has never featured any actual wine. Much to the disappointment of many. 

One classic, particularly popular at Christmas, which certainly did start out having the alcohol its name suggests, is the brandy snap. Again, it’s hard to find these flavoured with actual brandy anymore, probably due to the costs involved.

If brandy is your favourite, you could consider treating yourself to some of our brandy truffles, delightfully light with that unmistakable brandy heat.

If you’re willing to travel around the world, you’ll track down some weird and wonderful alcohol infused sweets. In San Francisco, for example, you’ll find the very bizarre sounding absinthe lolly. Apparently popular at Halloween. Let’s hope they don’t get accidently given to children out for a ‘trick or treat’!

Back in the UK, a trip to Harvey Nichols will find you tempted by a champagne flavour lolly which is covered in actual 24 carat gold flakes. We dread to think how much that might set you back. 

A bit of DIY might be called for.

Vodka is a favourite amongst those who like to create their own sweets. Coating candy canes in vodka is a particularly popular option. Many people like to reverse the process and infuse their vodka with sweets. Butterscotch, Starburst and Jellybeans are all used to add a bright sweetness to the strong spirit.

Hard candies and gummy bears are two styles of sweets which are likely to be found with an alcoholic kick. The alcohol which you may find in candy ranges from the obvious, such as whisky, through to the tequila and various rums.

Anyone fancying a hit of rum with their sweet snack should try the wonderful rum truffles by Bonds

It’s a fun idea having sweets which taste like alcohol. Whilst the kick of the spirit might be tempting, it is possible to enjoy the flavour of a drink without the need for the alcohol. All of the family can enjoy our pina colada slices as, whilst they taste just great, they don’t contain any alcohol at all.


For ideas on stocking up on all your sweets, alcohol infused or not, get in touch today for the best prices, friendly service and fast delivery.


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