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All About Rock Candy

18/11/2019 15:54

Rock candy needs no introduction. Every child and adult alike in the UK has tried some at some point in their life. From the novelty sticks at the seaside, to the unicorn rock that Appleton stock, rock is as British as apple crumble. 

Rock Sweets

Rock sweets are a type of hard, usually stick-like boiled sugar confectionery, made famous at Blackpool and Brighton. Most typically sold in tourist hotspots, this perennial British holiday favourite continues to be loved nationwide today, and as a result, Appleton Sweets is proud to stock a fine array of different flavours, colours and shapes. 


So if you run a sweet shop by the seaside, or you have customers requesting rock candy, or even if you’re just a big fan of the hard sweet yourself, you can bulk buy your favourites from Appleton Sweets. 


Regardless of whether your tastes run to our Candy Floss Rock Jars - which are sure to turn heads in any sweet shop, or to our made-for-the-seaside Pirate Rock Dummies - guaranteed to bring in ya’ hearty customers (ahoy matey), we have something to suit everyone. 


Every single piece of Appleton wholesale rock candy is individually wrapped to preserve it, ensuring you stock a bestseller when you display our rock on your sweet shop shelves. 


Not sure which rock to choose from? 


Check out our exciting range of wholesale rock candy to whet your appetite, and tell us - which is your favourite?

Wholesale rock candy

We stock an incredible array of wholesale rock candy products here at Appleton Sweets. From sticks of rock to rock dummies, brightly coloured wheel shaped lollipops to swizzle sticks, we have something that is guaranteed to tantalise and delight all taste buds, both young and old. 


Not a big fan of the old fashioned peppermint or spearmint flavours of rock? Not to worry. Times have changed and now you can purchase almost any flavour of rock that you can think of. And in fact, Appleton Sweets guarantees to have something for everyone. 

A taste of Appleton Sweets rock candy range

  • Bakewell Tart - A British classic sweet treat in rock form.

  • Bubblegum - For when you want something more substantial in your tummy (just don’t try blowing bubbles with this one).

  • Candy floss - Sometimes you want your candyfloss to last a little longer.

  • Cookie dough - Biscuits are so last season. 

  • Fizzy cola - First came the drinks, then the jelly sweets, and now rock fizzy cola.

  • Peppa Pig - Strawberry and Raspberry Peppa Pig theme rock lollipops.

  • Raspberry ripple - Ice cream move over, there’s a new sweet treat in town.  

  • Strawberry milkshake - Why drink your strawberry milkshake when you can suck it instead?

  • Chocolate fudge cake - Worried about your chocolate fudge going stale? Not with this rock candy it won’t. 

  • Salted caramel - Because you can never have too much of a good thing. 

  • Watermelon - Baby isn’t the only one to carry a watermelon, only this is lighter and tastier than the fruit!


But what if you don’t eat sugar? Well, you’re in luck, because not only do Appleton Sweets cater to a wide range of tastes, we also cater to a wide range of dietary requirements too. Just because you’ve opted not to eat sugar, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on any sweet treats. 


Check out our range of sugar-free rock candy - who says you can’t have it all? 

Sugar-free rock candy

Where to buy rock candy

If you have ever taken a trip to any British seaside you’ll have seen stalls and shops selling rock by the ton. But where can you purchase it when you’re back at home? Well, with Appleton Sweets’ wide range of popular rock sweets, you don’t have to worry any more. 


And no, you don’t have to limit your consumption to when you’re on holiday. Rock candy is a firm favourite for Christmas treats, wedding favours, as well as promotional sweets. Everyone loves a stick of rock, which is why Appleton Sweets stock such a wide range and why we are proud to support so many rock producing confectioners. 


Pop some in your basket today, you won’t regret it. 

Posted By Matt Appleton
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