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American Candy Vs British Sweets

03/09/2019 15:16

Here at Appleton Sweets, we pride ourselves on stocking a fine array of British and American sweets, but which are better? Is American chocolate superior to British chocolate? Can American candy brands such as Wonka really give Swizzles Matlow a run for their money? 

Let’s take a closer look, and the pit the two greats against each other.

What We Love About American Candy

Our neighbours across the pond, those with whom we have a ‘special relationship’, have a very special sweet tooth, in comparison to us Brits. 

As such, they LOVE their candy to be sweet. And not just boiled sweets sweet, but boiled sweets rolled in sugar and dipped in honey-sweet. 

And that is not a criticism. Because without our American friends’ love of chocolate and their penchant for maximising every flavour out of each and every brand, then we wouldn’t have such classics as M&Ms, Skittles and Hershey chocolate

Did you know that American chocolate only has to contain 10% cocoa solids minimum, whereas British chocolate has to contain 20% cocoa solids, as a minimum? That might explain the difference in flavour between the two products. Because whilst we Brits prefer our chocolate to taste, well chocolatey, the Americans like their chocolate to taste sweet. 

But saying that, here in the UK we only have 3 varieties of M&M's - peanuts, chocolate and crispy shell. In the US, they have 9 different flavours. Who knew that you could create 9 different flavours out of such a simple combination of chocolate and candy shell? The Americans knew that’s who. 

  • And then there are Jelly Belly jelly beans. With over 50 official flavours, you could never get bored of exploring their flavour spectrum. 

  • Or Jolly Ranchers - the American equivalent of our traditional boiled sweets. Only we Brits seem to be oblivious to the obsession with grape, watermelon and cherry flavour hard candy, but not the Americans. They have those flavours sewn up and they are so popular. 

  • And what about marshmallow fluff? Who knew that you could take the inside of a marshmallow and enjoy it on its own? Yes, this stuff is divisive, but until you’ve dipped a spoon into a jar and experienced its fluffy delights, you can’t comment. 

  • Finally, let’s talk about Wonka Nerds. These tiny nuggets of tangy, crunchy candy have graced the shelves of British sweet shops since the 1990s, but it’s only recently that we have been privy to the world of flavours that the Americans have - wonderous combinations such as strawberry and grape, raspberry and tropical punch or wildberry and peach

And if you’re now salivating and wondering where on earth you can get your fill of this American candy, then you’ve come to the right place. 

But before you go ahead and place an order of gargantuan proportions. Don’t forget, this is American candy vs British sweets. 

British Sweets - Aren't they the best!

And no, we Brits don’t just bring boiled sweets to the table. We are the proud producer of Cadbury chocolate - no other chocolate brand can hold a candle to this quintessentially British offering. 

  • And let’s not overlook Refreshers - the hard, fruit flavoured fizzy sweet.

  • The Curly Wurly.

  • The Sherbert Fountain.

  • Or Love Hearts

  • Nor can we forget Wine Gums - who would have thought to name these chewy sweets a combination of wine and gum? 

  • Or Black Jacks - the sweet that turns your tongue black.

  • Or Fruit Salads - you couldn’t get much further from fruit or salad with this chewy retro sweet. But this is what the stuff of childhoods is made from.

American candy vs British sweets

So the Americans may have weird and wonderful flavour combinations on their side, but we Brits can’t be beaten for eccentricity. 

Tell us, which side do your sweet allegiances lie? Do you prefer American candy or British sweets? It’s a tough call to make. Let’s chew on some peanut butter filled chocolate whilst we ponder our decision.  

Posted By Matt Appleton
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