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Are these the most weird and wonderful sweets in our collection?

24/10/2019 21:55

When it comes to sweets, the weirder the better.

Unusual sweets turn the most heads, that is for sure. After all, if you want to get customers into your sweet shop, you need to entice them in- somehow.

Here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a range of sweets that are downright weird.

Here are a few of the most obscure sweets:

Bon Bon Buddies Brain Blasterz Gunk Blaster

Quite a mouthful to say, never mind eat. This novelty candy combines fun for the kids whilst it oozes with sweet delights. Unusual to look at, these are sure to draw attention on the counter. 

Look O Look Candy Burger

Yes, you read that right. These candy treats look uncannily like a famous take away savoury burger. We don't know why they were invented but they definitely catch the eye. Assorted gummy jelly pieces whose flavours remind you this is not a real burger.

Bakewell Tart Lollies 

Everybody loves a candy lolly. And nearly everybody also loves a bakewell tart. So why shouldn’t the two be combined? They are delightful to look at, their shiny, striped, swirling shape is enticing. The flavours won’t disappoint the bakewell fans, nor the lolly fans.

Giant Gummy Crazy Candy Carrot

800 grams of enormous gummy carrot anyone? Luckily, for those that aren’t tempted by the idea of carrot candy, this isn’t carrot flavored. Sour apple and orange are the tastes awaiting anyone willing to tackle this huge pretend vegetable.

Mega Sour Plooms

Ready to tackle a seriously sour coating? These large round sweets are coloured in dark reds and purples. They look striking in the jar. Copper pan cooked for extra flavour, they are gluten free and also suitable for vegetarians. 


Small, individual boxed candies bursting with grape flavour. The popularity of American candy continues to grow. Products like these fuel that growth. Bright to look at and refreshing to taste, they attract candy lovers of all ages.


The name of these tubes of hard candy delights will get your customers looking twice. Each tube offers five different fruity flavours. Shaped like a polo mint, we can only assume they are designed to look like rubber rings - hence ‘life savers’.

Dr Pepper Fudge

It seems the manufacturers are forever trying to outdo each other with fudge flavours. If you fancy a change from rum and raisin or clotted cream in your soft fudge flavourings then how about this. Taking the distinctive flavour from the famous soft drink and infusing it into melt in your mouth soft fudge, The Fudge Factory, have really excelled with this one. 

Whatever weird and wonderful sweets, candy, chocolate or fudge you fancy, we have a huge range for you to choose from. Get in touch now to start experimenting with some weird and wacky flavours.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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