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Autumn wedding bells ringing? Here’s our top Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweets for weddings

06/10/2017 07:27

Autumn wedding bells ringing? Here’s our top Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweets for weddings

Just because summer is over that doesn’t mean we’re no longer hearing the sound of wedding bells. In fact, Autumn offers an exciting season in which to host a wedding.

Imagine being covered in Autumn leaf confetti, as you leave the wedding venue, and, of course, enjoying a crisp Autumn evening after the wedding ceremony itself?

Here at Appleton Sweets, we know that Autumn weddings are popular and we find that wedding sweets continue to fly of the shelves for Autumn weddings and have, therefore, put together our top choice of Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets for weddings.

Loved by children and adults alike during a wedding party, these traditional Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets will be a welcome guest at your wedding!

wedding pick n mix sweets

Ferrero Rocher

Sold in packs of 6 x 300g, as well as 16 x 37.5g, Ferrero Rochers will be warmly welcomed at your Autumn wedding. The perfect wedding sweets for Autumn, their golden wrapping will tie in perfectly with a seasonal theme and will also look good presented in your table plan.  

Fun Kandy Sweetheart Pops

What better place for Sweethearts than a wedding, of course?! Available in a wholesale case of 50, the Fun Kandy Sweetheart Pops are super sweet for a wedding party!

Haribo Heart Throbs

Everybody’s heart beats at a wedding and the Haribo Heart Throbs will take pride of place on your wedding day sweets buffet. 

Glisten Sugared Almonds 

Parents and grandparents may be particular fans of the sugared almonds and, what’s more, these wedding sweets are likely to bring back some heartfelt memories for them. And, after all, what’s a wedding without nostalgia?

Swizzels Love Hearts

Possibly one of the most romantic types of sweets around! The Swizzels Love Hearts make for ideal wedding sweets. What’s more, they are available in different variations.

Some of the different variations of Swizzels Love Hearts include: Swizzels Love Heart Dips, Swizzels Love Hearts Lipsticks and, of course, your standard packs of Swizzels Love Hearts. Wedding perfect!

Candy Co Pink and White Nougat

As long as the nougat ties in with your colour theme, we think the Candy Co Pink and White Nougat is sure to go down a treat at an Autumn wedding. Not only does the nougat taste amazing, it will also look great as part of your wedding sweets buffet.

More Wedding Sweets from Appleton Sweets

You don’t necessarily need to stick to our recommendations of wedding sweets, in fact, you can browse our full range of sweets and choose which ones you think will work best at your autumn wedding.

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