From Barratt’s to Candy Land: Our Favourite Sweets from Tangerine

17/05/2016 11:30

You don’t need to be a sweet connoisseur to know (and love!) the sweets from Barratt’s. From Black Jacks to Milk Teeth to Barratt Bananas, Barratt’s Pick’ n’ Mix are loved by many!

That said, those of you that didn’t know, Barratt's is a brand name that is owned by Tangerine.

What’s more, Tangerine has started a new brand recently called Candy Land (that you may see on the Appleton Sweets website too!).

The sweets are essentially the same and, therefore, the Tangerine range together (Barrett’s and Candy Land sweets) include: Dolly mix, fruit salad/black jack chews, bumper bananas, dib dabs and more!

Here is our favourite pick of sweets from Tangerine:

Barrett Dip Dabs

You simply cannot mention the Barrett’s (or Tangerine!) brand without picking out the brand’s infamous Dip Dabs.

Dip Dabs from Appletons come packed in a box of 50 count and each packet contains a sherbet Dip Dab with a tasty strawberry flavoured lolly. A popular retro sweet that are loved by adults and children alike, Dip Dabs are made with only natural colours and flavour.

Barrett Strawberry Milk Bottles

The classic milk bottle with a yummy strawberry flavour, the Barrett Strawberry Milk Bottles come pack in a bulk bag that weighs 3kg.They are small shaped bottles in pink and white, and have a tasty (just like a milkshake!) flavouring.

Candy Land Black Jacks

An absolute classic, the Candy Land Barratt Black Jacks are packed in box of 400 chews and are small, square chewy sweets with a natural aniseed flavouring.

Another great retro sweet of all-time, Candy Land Black Jacks are a favourite for many!  What’s more, these Black Jacks are made with only natural colours and flavours.

Candy Land Fruit Salads

Candy Land Fruit Salads are a small wrapped pineapple and raspberry flavoured chew, that are made with only natural colours and flavours. So retro!

Barratt Jelly Spogs

Here’s one for the grown-ups!

The Barratt Jelly Spogs are a popular retro sweet that are loved by many!

They are an aniseed-tasting Jelly Spog with a liquorice coating, covered in pink and blue hard small round beads on the outside.

The Jelly Spogs have a great bursting liquorice taste and come from the liquorice allsorts range.  They are a great seller throughout the whole year.

(If you didn’t know, another name for Jelly Spogs are Jelly Buttons!).

Candy Land Mallow Flumps

Candy Land Mallow Flumps are fat-free soft, fluffy mallow twists that are individually wrapped and made with only natural colours and flavours.

Take a look at more Tangerine sweeties on our website!

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