Some Blue Sweets to cheer us up during the week following Blue Monday

19/01/2016 11:52

Some Blue Sweets to cheer us up during the week following Blue Monday

So Monday 18th January was blue Monday. The most miserable day of the year! A day to feel dull, blue and a little bit depressed (and a day to get away with it!). After all, we’re right in the heart of winter weather and we spend of a lot of our time, cold, damp or simply doing anything we can to warm ourselves up!

At Appleton Sweets though, we’re not shying away from the fact that we’ve just had blue Monday, we’re embracing it! Take a look at these blue sweets that are perfect for the week following blue Monday…

Appletons Blue Raspberry Cables

These tasty blue raspberry flavour long and soft chewy candy sweets look like blue sugary tubes, and are bound to bring you a bit of sweetness that will brighten up your week.

Fini Blue Raspberry Golf Balls

On par with the traditional marshmallow, the Fini Blue Raspberry Golf Balls are blue coloured marshmallow soft balls with a lovely tasty blue raspberry flavour. Ultimately, these are a different kind of marshmallow, helping make the bluest week of January a little bit sweeter!

Kervan Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils

Tasty soft chewy candy in a long pencil shape, the fizzy flavour of the Kervan Fizzy Blue Raspberry Pencils is bound to bring a bit of a buzz to a blue week!

Airheads Blue Raspberry

Supplied by Wonka, the Airheads Blue Raspberry sweets come in packets of strips of chewy sour candy belts and have a great Raspberry flavour.

Dexter’s Dyna Stix Blue Raspberry

The Dexter’s Dyna Stix Blue Raspberry are a novelty kids line of sweets (but can be enjoyed by all ages, especially in January!).

Gummy Candy Blue Dolphins

Tasty fruity flavoured soft chewy foam jelly sweet in the shape of a dolphin, the Gummy Candy Blue Dolphins will bring the energy to a blue week in January.

And last but not least…

Hubba Bubba Tape Blue Raspberry

180cm of Blue Raspberry Bubblegum to get you feeling a bit bubbly this January. Simply pop in your bag for when you’re feeling a bit blue…

So, hopefully these seven blue sweeties will help cheer you up during the week following blue Monday.

Whether you opt for one, two or all seven to enjoy this week, we want to get you feeling sweeter following blue Monday here at Appleton Sweets.

Do you want to have a look at some more blue sweeties from Appleton Sweets?

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