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Brand new sweets, just in at Appleton Sweets!

06/12/2016 07:51
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Why wait until the New Year to refresh your candy store? Appleton Sweets have got a range of brand-new sweets available to give your candy store a head start before 2017 begins. Get ahead of the game with our fantastic selection of brand-new, sensational sweeties!

Whether you have never seen them before, or would simply like to try a new type of sweet in your store, take a look at the following brand new sweets, now available to order from Appleton Sweets!

Fini El Toro Bubblegum Balls (200 count, £5.09, excluding VAT)

Bounce into the new year with the Fini El Toro Bubblegum Balls! Yummy bubblegum sweeties, filled with a bubble-gum flavoured liquid, the box of sweets has a likeable bull character graphic printed on the front and will be down-with-the-kids in 2017. 

Bebeto Giant Strawberry Cables (48x90g, £9.49, excluding VAT)

The Bebeto Giant Strawberry Cables are delicious, long strawberry flavoured cables that are sure to stand out in your candy store and capture your customers’ attention in 2017!

Maxons U/W Yorkshire Mixture (3.18kg, £7.49, excluding VAT)

Not only are Maxons are well-established and highly-regarded confectioner, Yorkshire mixture is an iconic boiled sweet mix that is hugely popular with both adults and children alike. 

Act Sour Dragster Tyres (1.8kg, £11.49, excluding VAT)

Forget acting sour, the Act Sour Dragster Tyres are extremely sour fruit circles that come in a 1.8kg tub. And when we say sour, we mean sour. Very sour! 

A rare confectionary product that is not widely available, you will undoubtedly entice the customers into your store with the unique sour dragster tyres from ACT. 

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs (Box of 12 count, £51.99, excluding VAT)

Chocolate liqueurs tend to go down well amongst the adults, particularly at Christmas time! Berg’s chocolate liqueurs certainly offer luxury, and are a tasty treat for those who love liqueurs. Each 250g box contains 16 dark chocolates, filled with genuine liqueurs. Fantastic!

K & H Liquorice Buttons (1 kg, £4.99, excluding VAT)

If your customers like liquorice, then they’ll love the Liquorice Buttons from K & H. The perfect (and simply liquorice!) Christmas sweetie for any liquorice fan!

Fanta Strawberry (12 count, £8.49, excluding VAT)

Fanta Strawberry is a brand new fizzy pop from the USA that has a strong strawberry flavour. The cans of Fanta Strawberry from Appleton Sweets come in a convenient fridge-pack style of 12 cans. 

Contact us at Appleton Sweets for more delicious sweeties

Appleton Sweets have got more fabulous sweeties that you may want to buy to refresh your confectionary store for 2017.

Whether you choose our brand-new sweets or opt for those sweets we’ve had in stock for a while, you’ll find fabulous sweeties to refresh your candy store for 2017 with Appleton Sweets. 

From retro sweets to American candy, to special diet sweets and more, you’ll find some sweets that will make a special addition to your confectionary store, just in time for the new year from Appleton Sweets. 

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