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Candy Carts - The New Tradition At Weddings

08/02/2020 14:47

So, just what is a candy cart? 

Alongside roulette tables, fancy dress photo booths and hog roasts, candy carts are part of a new norm in wedding entertainment. Think of a traditional market stall trolley, maybe Victorian in design,  but decorated in pink and white stripes and loaded with mouth-watering sweet treats. 

The candy cart (or candy buffet) is often used at modern weddings as a way of entertaining guests. At weddings there can be some hanging around time and the candy cart is great for keeping guests amused whilst they wait for the evening’s action to start. 

Adults can be getting some energy from their favourite treats whilst the kids rummage in some pick and mix. 

Even if the wedding doesn’t have spare time to fill, the candy cart would be a popular addition to the evening’s proceedings. They also offer a further chance to decorate the venue and fill some blank space with colour and fun.

Happy couples can hire a complete candy cart of course, but a more personalised, sensibly priced option would be to assemble the cart themselves.

A little bit of ingenuity and recycling of pallets and other materials will soon have a cart ready to load with sweets. Of course it needn’t be cart shaped, there is so much scope to use imagination.

Ideas for stocking your candy cart.

With the cart being decorative, as well as displaying complimentary snacks for the guests, there is no need to worry about prices, counters or cash registers. All of the available space can be used to create a visual, tempting feast. Starting with jars is always popular. We stock a huge range of sweets in jars here at Appletons and are sure you’ll find something to suit every guest’s taste.

Why not create your own smaller jars to stand in front of the larger ones. Sections of the cart could be colour themed or have themes to suit the personalities at the wedding. Some great ideas we’ve seen include a VW Camper theme, a beach bar and a monochrome candy buffet.

A lot of couples are involving their guests in wedding plans, for example by asking each of them for a song they think should be played at the wedding. As the big day approaches, the happy couple could also ask their guests to name their favourite pic’n’mix sweets or candy bars to really personalise the sweet buffet. The personalised touch could go further still by having a small, individual, take away candy carton for each guest.

We’ve even got our own extensive wedding sweet selection to help you find ideas for your candy cart. You’ll find plenty of romantically themed sweets and even bunches of roses made out of delicious Belgian chocolate. 

So, get in touch today and discover how we can play a part in adding some tasty treats to your wedding plans.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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