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Check out our range of Haribo Sweets

12/04/2016 11:21

Founded in Germany, back in 1920 by Hans Riegel, Haribo is still as popular as ever!

We’ve all tried Haribo at some time in our life (even if we haven’t got a real sweet tooth!). They’re not just for the children either, we all feel nostalgic towards the legendary Haribo brand, no matter what our age!

Perhaps Haribo have become a tradition when watching a film with friends, going on holiday or sharing around at work when you all need a sugar hit? They are also great sweeties to provide an instant (and yummy!) bit of energy when pushing yourself on a bike ride or in an endurance race.

Whether you’re a fan of coca cola fizzers, juicy gummy bears or large strawberries, we’ve got loads of retro Haribo sweets here at Appleton Sweets!

Take a look at just some of our choice of wholesale Haribo sweeties below:

Haribo Starmix

A real legendary mix, Haribo Starmix is Haribo’s best-selling line and is made up from all your favourites sweets. Coca cola bottles, friendship rings, sweet, foamy eggs and more…What’s not to love?

Haribo Sour Cherries

If you like a bit of a tangy taste, then the Haribo Sour Cherries are most definitely the choice of sweet for you!

Gummy sweets with a sour kick, the Haribo Sour Cherries are the perfect combination of sweet and sour!

Haribo Wine Gums

You may not have even known that you can get Haribo wine gums! But now you definitely know you can! These tasty, jelly, chewy sweets come in a range of colours (and none of them are artificial!).

Haribo Juicy Gold Bears

Another tasty retro choice, the Haribo Juicy Gold Bears are soft, foam, jelly fruit-flavoured sweeties, with an added 20% of juice. They come in a range of colours, that are not artificial.

Haribo Fruity Frogs

The Haribo Fruity Frogs are a combination of jelly and foam sweets. They’re multi-coloured, super-fruity and a popular retro sweet from the past!

Haribo Crazy Python

You really would be crazy not to be a fan of the Haribo Crazy Python sweeties! Great fun for the kids, the Haribo Crazy Python sweets are fruit and cola flavoured sweet foam gummies that come in shape of different coloured snakes. What’s more, they contain no artificial colours.

Haribo Jelly Babies

The Haribo Jelly Babies are a real favourite amongst both children and adults! They’re super-sweet, super-fruity and, what’s more, we’ve all got our favourite colour! A fabulous retro sweet containing no artificial colours, they’re great for sharing and are a real winning treat! 

As you can see (this is just a sample of our Haribo sweets, after all), we stock loads of Haribo wholesale sweets at Appleton Sweets. In fact, our range is one of the largest in the UK! Why not take a look?


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