Christmas: An Extravaganza Of Sweet Delights

24/11/2019 06:07

Christmas time never fails to have us all reaching for the sweet treats. It seems at this time of year there really is more to choose from. Hopefully you’ve all stocked up and are ready for the festivities. Let’s have a look at what is likely to be popular this year.

The tradition of decorating a tree with foil wrapped candy has never really gone away. Here’s some tips as to what should be on or under your Christmas tree this year.


Candy Canes - An enduring image of Christmas is striped candy hanging from the branches of a Christmas tree. Why not try something a little different this year, such as Jelly Belly’s take on candy canes. 

Peppermint Nougat - Chewy and very minty, these treats from Stanton leave a taste in the mouth which simply says Christmas. The bars can be cut up and shared or savoured all to yourself.

Chocolate Coins - It won’t just be the children and grandchildren sneaking these off the tree before the big day! An absolute classic in every household. From our Christmas selection, why not try this large bag of coins, from pennies to pounds. 

Chocolate Liqueur - Some evidence suggests that the French were creating chocolates with alcohol inside them as far back as 1666. How true this is, we can’t prove. What we do know is that since the 2nd world war, when a boom in Christmas sweets took place, chocolate liqueurs have been firm festive favourites. Treat yourself to some cocktail liqueurs for a change from the traditional spirits.

Orange And Lemon Slices - We’re not sure how these came to be Christmas favourites, but they are another family favourite in the festive season. We offer this tempting box of 24 slices from Bonds.

Turkish Delight - Also from Bonds, we are happy to offer you the delicate flavouring of rose and lemon in this version of the classic. It is no surprise that the origins of this melt-in-the-mouth treat are traceable back to Turkey. It’s not clear how it became so popular at Christmas time, but we’re certainly glad it did.

After Dinner Chocolate Mints - These need no introduction. We all know the art of taking a few extras whilst disguising the fact with the empty wrappers. Have a little luxury by choosing a classy tin of mints from Walkers.

Dark Chocolate Ginger - Anybody who loves ginger, and for good measure can’t get enough of dark chocolate, these are a dream. The two strong flavours compliment each other perfectly and are made to be savoured, not rushed. Beeches dark chocolate gingers are particular favourites.

There isn’t the space to keep going with this list. There are so many favourites missing, not to mention more modern Christmas treats. Plenty of fun items too, like these jelly X-mas pops from Bonds.

Whatever you might need to add to your Christmas confectionery stock, get in touch today and we’ll have it to you faster than Santa could get it down your chimney.

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