Christmas Sweetie Advent Calendar

08/12/2015 12:53

Christmas Sweetie Advent Calendar

Every day in December should be sweet! That’s why, here at Appleton Sweets, we have put together a Christmas Sweetie Advent calendar, featuring 25 different categories of sweets to you to enjoy each day of December leading up to Christmas!

What better start to December than opening your front door to a different type of sweet each day! Share them, give them to your children or have them for yourself- the choice is yours!

1st December- Foam and Gummy Sweets

From Jelly Babies, Foam Shrimps and of course, Haribo yellow bellies, foam and gummy sweets make a yummy start to advent.

2nd December- Liquorice and Lollipops

Choose from fruit flavours, tongue painter mixes and very sour flavours for a tangy day two of December.

3rd December- Fizzy, Sherbet and Sour

A different kind of Xmas bubbly…What flavour will you choose? Lemon, sour blue raspberry or strawberries…

4th December- Chocolates, Nuts and Fruit

We love tradition here at Appleton Sweets and offer a wide range of chocolates, nuts and fruits so that you won’t miss out this Christmas. From chocolate coins to yoghurt-coated raisins, we have it all! What will be behind your door on the 4th December?

5th December- Chocolate Boxes

You can’t go wrong with a good old chocolate box. Forget one advent chocolate and swap it for a box!

6th December- Fudge

Loved by many, our selection of fudge includes all of the most popular flavours such as vanilla and clotted cream, but also some rather unusual varieties including marmite and Oreo peanut butter. Will you try something new this December?

7th December- Bon Bons and Mallows

Watermelon, sour blue raspberry and lemon are just some of the flavours you might include in your Christmas Sweetie advent calendar.

8th December- Sweet Jars

A sweetie jar makes a great surprise treat!

9th December- Boiled Sweets

The ultimate traditional sweet! Our confectionery bags include classics such as sherbet lemons and old-fashioned, nostalgic rhubarb and custard sweets.

10th December- Haribo Tubs and Pre-Packs

Loved by everyone! Haribo make tasty advent sweeties.

11th December- Toffees and Chews

Banana toffees, black jack chews and, of course, refresher chews. The list of possibilities goes on…

12th December- Novelty and Gobstoppers

Our selection of gobstoppers and kids sweets include classics such as 2p gobstoppers, ABC letters and of course, who could forget bubblegum balls?

13th December- Retro Sweets

Christmas time is all about tradition, but why not throw a bit of retro into your sweetie bag mix?

14th December- American Seasonal

Christmas sweets from our American Seasonal range will make a great addition to your advent calendar.

15th December- Biscuits

Cup of tea and biscuits today anyone?

16th December- Pez Sweets

Mickey Mouse, Disney Frozen, DC Justice League, The Muppets and many more…What Pez dispenser will you choose?

17th December- Cadbury Chocolate

Freddo chocolate frogs, Picnic, Boost, Double Decker… what will be behind your advent calendar door?

18th December- Traditional Sweet Jars

Fruit candy, liquorice candy and lots more! Our Traditional Sweet Jars are the perfect purchase at advent!

19th December- Chewing Gum and Mints

Find a large range of chewing gum in wholesale boxes at Appleton Sweets. We supply bulk mints confectionery in boxes at low trade prices from our London warehouse.

20th December- Gift Boxes

Last minute Christmas present? Or some choccie for yourself. Find a large range of wholesale gift boxes at Appleton Sweets.

21st December- American Hard Candy

Find a large range of wholesale American hard candy at Appleton Sweets which includes a selection of Wonka nerds such as strawberry and grape plus rainbow nerds. We are also pleased to stock a range of Warheads, Atkinsons boiled sweets and candy canes!

22nd December- Sugar Free Chocolate

Sugarless chocolate is a great idea for advent for those with a health-conscious attitude to their treats!

23rd December- Cakes

Haven’t baked a Christmas cake? Perhaps you’ll try McVities, Hostess or Tasty Bake…

24th December- Chocolate Jars

A chocolate jar can be shared with the whole family!

25th December- Christmas Sweets

It may come as no surprise but there are no more perfect sweets for Christmas Day than our Christmas Sweets range.

Our selection includes milk chocolate gold nets as well as peppermint candy canes which are one of the most popular seasonal products that we sell. With such an extensive choice of bulk Christmas confectionery, we also stock some specialist items from American manufacturers Jelly Belly and Spangler.

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