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Confectionery news!

07/02/2020 15:15

Confectionery News! 

As in every business, confectionery does not want to stand still. Developing new products or twists on trusted favourites means there is always a fresh idea brought to market.

According to the latest news on the website, February and March see the launch of new products that are a twist on old favourites.

Mid February sees the launch of ‘Smarties Buttons’  - a delicious combination of milk and white chocolate buttons containing mini - smarties.  Customers love to retain their favourite sweets for all sorts of reasons, bringing back sweet memories and manufacturers realise that their customers enjoy a twist on their favourites. 


Also in February, another Chocolate product launches. A British chocolate manufacturer Hames, will launch their Great British Chocolate range, made with sustainably sourced cocoa and milk sourced wholly from the UK.



Then in March we see something completely new for the UK market. Mars-Wrigley UK will be launching their Mint Maltesers Buttons -  the first ever flavoured maltesers product in the UK. All just in time for the Easter. market.



Along with the continuing launch of new confectionery and taking into consideration the new Great British Chocolate Brand with its UK credentials;  the current issues surrounding climate change, sustainability, production of goods in an ethical manner; customers are more and more purchasing not just their favourite products and types of confectionery,  but will be looking to buy products that they see have been produced and developed with consideration to the sustainability of the product:- from where the ingredients are sourced, to production methods, to how the product is packaged. 

At Appleton Sweets we stock a huge variety of wholesale confectionery with a standard that is second to none with products from responsible manufacturers such as Haribo and Taveners.

Confectionery producers continually work tirelessly to identify their consumer needs in order to be confident that new products, existing product developments and overall focus is consistent with consumers’ expectations. So, they are continually looking at developments around packaging, eliminating waste, manufacturing processes and facilities, careful sourcing of ingredients. Manufacturers invest heavily in research and development to test recipes, into packaging and new product idea.Some manufacturers will spend time supporting their local community.

So when choosing your confectionery for your sweet shop and shelves, you can be reassured and be able to reassure your customers that in our world that is becoming more mindful and responsive to the needs of its future, the sweets and chocolate on your shelves will have been produced by companies that put ‘integrity, respect, passion, accountability’  and so much more into their sweet production. 


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