Could these sweets be the sweetest creations yet?

11/07/2016 09:51

At Appleton Sweets, we are, of course, renowned for our wholesale sweets and traditional and retro sweets. Our old-fashioned sweets are known and loved by adults and children alike. But, we’ve also bought in a number of modern creations that are equally popular and might just pip some of the retro sweeties to the post, in terms of their creativity.

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Take a look at the following sweet creations and see what takes your fancy:

Jelly Belly Jewel Selection

All the way from the USA, the Jelly Belly Jewel collection is a bulk bag of jelly belly jelly beans that contain a wide range of colours and flavours. The colours will certainly glisten in the sunlight this summer!

Pez Secret Life of Pets

Pez sweets aren’t exactly new, but we think the Pez Secret Life of Pets will be extremely popular amongst children. It is, ultimately, a brand new Pez dispenser that contains the animals from the film The Secret Life of Pets. Fabulous!

Dulce plus Foam Strawberries

Everyone loves strawberry flavoured sweets and the Dulce plus Foam Strawberries make for the perfect choice!

They are packed in 1kg bags and are pink coloured foam gums, in the shape of strawberries.

Haribo Milkshakes

A modern take on the traditional Haribo milk bottle, the Haribo Milkshakes are in a shape of a bottle and come in a mixed bag of pink, white and yellow. The Haribo Milkshakes from Appleton Sweets come packed in 160g bag that come in boxes of 12 count.

Vidal Sour Rainbow Rockets

Perhaps more of a sour creation, the Vidal Sour Rainbow Rockets are multi-coloured sweets with a tangy taste. They are small, long chewy stripped sour candy that come in a 3kg bulk bag from Appleton Sweets.

Dulce Plus Sour Jelly Bones

Sour jelly bones are very realistic looking gummy sweets in the shape of a bone. They are red and white in colour and come with a fizzy sugar coating which gives this product its fizz.

Dulce Plus Sour Caramels

Sour caramels are jelly sweets produced by Dulce Plus that have a sour sugar coating. These caramel flavoured gummies come in a wholesale 1kg bag from Appleton Sweets.

Candy Dress Up Fun Bags

Candy dress up fun bags contain lots of novelty candy sweets such as necklaces and watches. Everything in this novelty selection bag can be worn and then eaten! Our wholesale box of candy contains 12 units. How glam!

Kingsway Red Eyed Skulls

Perhaps the scariest creation yet, the Kingsway Red Eyed Skulls are skull like foam candy shapes that come in a range of colours including red, white and yellow.

Looking for more fabulous sweet creations? Then take a look at our website!

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