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Create your own box of sweets

01/05/2017 18:10
create your own box of sweets

Create your own box of sweets

Have fun putting together your very own, hand-picked box of sweets from Appleton Sweets. Whether you would like to put together a mix of sweets for yourself, for a friend, a colleague, a family member or a social event, it really is easy to create your own box of sweets, simply follow the steps below for your own, box of sweets.

Prepare your box or hamper

The first step in creating your own box of sweets is to make the box that will contain your sweets, or indeed choose a wicker hamper to put your choice of sweets in.

You may choose to use an old box, like a shoe box for example, that you have lying around at home and proceed to decorate it to transform it into your box of sweets. Or, you may want to download a gift box template online.

What’s more, there are numerous wicker hamper options that you may want to buy online before choosing your choice of sweets to fill it with. 

Select your choice of sweets

Once you have purchased or made the box or hamper for your box of sweets, you’ll want to choose which sweets you’d like to put in it. At Appleton Sweets, we have abundant choice of sweets and chocolate that will make for a tempting box of sweets. 

Perhaps you’ll opt for boiled sweets in order to create a traditional box of sweets, or you may go for more contemporary confectionary creations, like Pez Sweets and dispensers.

Rather than simply provide you with a list of sweets and chocolates that you may want to put inside your box of sweets, we’ve collected a few ideas to help you when putting together your box of sweets. 

Ideas for Funky Hampers

You could create a funky sweet hamper or funky box of sweets by adding bright coloured decoration and choosing the brightest coloured sweets you can find.

Some sweets you may consider for funky hampers include:

  • Halal Sour Galaxy
  • Dulce Plus Sour Apple Rings
  • Bebeto Sour Dummies
  • Vidal Tropical Rainbow Drops 
  • Kingsway Butterflies
  • Kingsway Fizzy Chips
  • Haribo Freaky Fish (combine with Kingsway Fizzy Chips for a Fish’ n ’Chips sweetie box!)
  • Haribo Giant Cola Bottles

Retro Sweet Hamper

Retro sweets are hugely popular and a retro sweet hamper will go down well with mature adults and children alike!

Here are a few choices of retro sweets that will make an ideal retro sweets hamper for a special person or social event:

  • Barratt Dolly Mixture
  • Barratt Jelly Babies
  • Barratt Jelly Beans
  • Brays Coconut Toasties
  • Coconut Chips
  • Fruit Salad and Black Jack Chews
  • Haribo Milk Bottles
  • Haribo Jelly Beans
  • Kingsway Coconut Rolls

Birthday Hampers

Of course, our fabulous range of sweets can be combined to create an exciting array of birthday hampers.

If you would like to put together a box of sweets for somebody’s birthday gift or birthday party, the sweets from Appleton Sweets won’t disappoint.

From classic sweets to contemporary Disney characters, you’ll create a box of sweets that will please pretty much anyone in celebration of a birthday with your homemade box of sweets!

A sweetie jar

In addition to creating a box of sweets, you may choose to fill a sweetie jar as a gift, or indeed use it as a wedding table decoration, party bag or more.

Ultimately, the great thing about creating your own box of sweets is how creative you can be! Have fun and enjoy, and most of all, pick the most suitable sweeties you can!

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