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Diabetic Chocolate and Sugar Free Sweets

03/12/2019 11:20

If you’re diabetic, chocolate and sweets might have once been off limits to you. But not any more.

The rise of diabetic chocolate and sugar free sweets has seen the category go from health food shop to mainstream supermarket. And with influencers such as Jamie Oliver promoting the health benefits of eating a reduced sugar diet to everyone (not just diabetics), the idea of indulging your sweet tooth without partaking in the white stuff is now commonplace. 

Why choose sugar free

If you’re diabetic, opting for sugar free foods isn’t so much a lifestyle choice as a lifesaving one. But for those who aren’t diabetic, but are considering ditching the sugar, here’s why you might want to follow a no-sugar diet. 

Most adults consume more sugar than the RDA

According to the NHS, adults should consume no more than 30g of free sugars per day (that equates to roughly 7 sugar cubes). However, a report by Public Health England has shown that we tend to eat almost 3 times this recommended daily allowance (RDA) - and this doesn’t include sugars found in fruit and milk. 


The effects of consuming too much sugar has been linked to several health conditions, including: 


  • Obesity

  • Heart disease

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease


But by reducing the sugar intake in your diet, you can reduce the risk of developing these conditions and in some cases even reverse them if you already suffer from them. 

How to cut out sugar from your diet


1. Go slow. 

Don’t go cold turkey on the sugar. Take it slowly and make the change a gradual one. 


2. Read food labels. 

Learn to read food labels and understand what constitutes as added or free sugar. Follow the traffic light system on most packets of food and avoid anything red. 


3. Opt for sugar-free sweets. 


Sugar free sweets and chocolate are sweetened with sugar alternatives that don’t contain any sugar and little to no calories, making them a healthier alternative to sugar. 

Benefits of eating sugar-free foods

By cutting out sugar from your diet you can reap the rewards in so many ways: 


  • Help with weight loss

  • Prevent obesity

  • Give you clearer skin

  • Stabilise mood swings

  • Reduce inflammation in the body

  • Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

  • Reduce the risk of tooth decay

Sugar Free Chocolate

Which is why here at Appleton Sweets we are able to offer a wide range of diabetic chocolate from brands such as Free’ist who make delicious chocolate bars in popular flavours like Dark Chocolate and Orange, milk chocolate or white chocolate and strawberry. But if chocolate coated raisins or peanuts are more up your street, we have no added sugar chocolate covered peanuts or raisins for you to indulge in too. 


We are firm believers that just because you follow a sugar free diet, or just because your customers can’t or don’t eat sugar, shouldn’t mean they must miss out on chocolate. A life without chocolate is barely a life at all! 


And where once sugar free chocolate was a grainy offering, found in alternative health food stores, it has had an image revamp and major ingredients overhaul. It now contains much higher volumes of cocoa, sweetened with diabetic-friendly sweeteners that don’t cause blood sugar levels to spike, and packs a chocolatey punch that will rival even the nearest premium chocolate brand competitor. 

Sugar free sweets

Appleton Sweets don’t just stock sugar free chocolate, we have a rapidly growing range of sugar free sweets too, and stocking them in your sweet shop will allow you to cater to a broader clientele.


The sugar free sweets that we stock taste just like sweets made with regular sugar, but with the added advantage of being better for you, made with natural ingredients and containing no sugar.


Appleton Sweets stock only the best sugar free sweets from established manufacturers, such as Barnett’s who make sugar free versions of the old classics like aniseed twists, dandelion and burdock, rhubarb and custard, even sherbert lemons and pear drops. Our sugar free jelly sweet range comes from Astra sweets and consists of sugar free cola bottles, fruit salads and jelly bears. We also have a range of Thornes sugar free sweets including perennial favourites blackcurrant and liquorice, sugar free chocolate eclairs, even Devon toffees.


And then there’s sugar free Werthers Originals.

Sugar Free Appleton Sweets 

So if you’re diabetic, or you follow a sugar free diet, or if you think your customers are sugar conscious, all of the sugar free sweets that Appleton Sweets have in stock are suitable for you and provide that much needed sugar free sweet hit, just when it’s required.


Posted By Matt Appleton
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