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DIY Christmas Sweet Treats

19/10/2016 11:44

DIY Christmas sweets

We’ve come up with some of the tastiest DIY Christmas treats for you to create at home with some of our favourite sweets. We sell a range of Wholesale Christmas sweets that can be used for various recipes to add colour, flavour and texture to treats. What better way to get festive over the Christmas season that to use your imagination with some quirky sweet recipes?

Snowman Oreo Balls

These Oreo truffles are perfect for the Christmas season. Create Oreo truffle balls by mixing crushed Oreos and cream cheese and dip them into a melted candy coating (white chocolate) to look like a snowman. Stick a mini Oreo on the top of each ball to create a hat for the snowman. Finish by decorating the faces of the snowmen with writing icing once they have been chilled and the chocolate coating has hardened.

Peppermint Chocolate Cakes

A dairy and gluten free sweet treat, peppermint chocolate cakes are fudgy and gooey on the inside with a crunchy topping on the outside. Adding pieces of Natural Peppermint Candy Canes to the top of the chocolate cakes will add texture and flavour and create a Christmassy feel. Candy canes are extremely popular over the Christmas season and these chocolate cakes are a fantastic DIY idea that can be enjoyed by the whole family due to their dietary requirement advantages.

Santa’s Cookies

Spruce up your cookies with some chocolate chips and Peanut Butter M&M’s to create colourful Christmas treats. Santa will love the taste of gooey peanut butter cookies baked with the addition of red and green M&M’s for a Christmas coloured masterpiece. They are fab for dipping in milk as the Christmas themed M&M colours seep into the milk.

Chocolate Gingerbread Men with Candy Canes

If you want to make your gingerbread men even more Christmassy, you can do so by simply adding a little candy cane into his arms. Chocolate gingerbread men work best with the Christmas theme and candy cane addition as they are yummier and perfect for milk dipping. The combination of chocolate and ginger goes together perfectly and the gingerbread men look adorable holding little green or red PMS Christmas Candy Canes.

Christmas Marshmallow Pops

One of the easiest Christmas treats, Christmas marshmallow pops can be made by stacking Haribo Chamallows onto a wooden skewer or large lollipop stick and dipping into a milk chocolate of your choice. Once you have chilled the pops in the fridge and the chocolate is hard, you can decorate them with red, green and white stripes of writing icing to make them deliciously Christmas themed.

Santa Crush Popcorn

Transform Eazy Pop Sweet Popcorn into a Christmassy bowl of Santa crush popcorn by adding some red and green M&M’s to the mix. Add some light and fluffy marshmallows and some melted butter if you have an extra sweet tooth. Just make sure the sweets are added straight away if you’re melting your marshmallows so that the M&M’s stick to the mixture in time.

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees

Turning a Rice Krispie cake recipe into a colourful Christmas tree is one of our quirkiest treats. Although they involve slightly more time to create, they are the perfect after school treat for children. Get creative by adding a few drops of green food colouring to the Rice Krispie mixture and shaping it in the form of a tree. Once the tree shape is set in a fridge, you can decorate it with M&M’s or other small sweets to form the baubles and sit it on an upside down Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup as the base.

For more of our delicious treat ideas or Wholesale Christmas sweets, take a look at our website where you’ll find a whole range of sweets and chocolate.

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