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DIY Halloween Sweet ideas

11/10/2016 14:00

DIY halloween sweets

Halloween is our favourite time of the year when it comes to creating your own, quirky looking sweet treats. There are thousands of unique recipes out there which use sweets to make their treats look spooky. You don’t have to wait for trick or treating to get indulge in Halloween sweets, why not get prepared by creating your very own inventive snacks that will wow family and friends. To make your Halloween experience one to remember, we’ve come up with some scary yet satisfying DIY recipes.


A simple, creative idea for Halloween is to make a ghost lolly, whether it’s a Crawford Fruit Pop or a Swizzels Fruity Pop, any lolly can be used. Simply place a piece of tissue onto the lollipop and tie it with a piece of black and orange ribbon where the stick starts to appear. Draw two little eyes on the lolly head and your lolly should look like a cute little ghost in no time. It’s such a quick and easy way to jazz up your lolly pops for Halloween.


If you’re looking to create something disgustingly tasty this Halloween, why not create the jelly worm dessert. Top ice-cream with a layer of chocolate sprinkles or grated chocolate for a soil-like appearance, then add a few Bebeto Jelly Worms creeping in and out of the ‘soil’. For added flavour, why not use some of our sour worms for that extra tang.


These quirky looking sweet kebabs are a hilarious addition to a Halloween party or if you want to make your friends laugh. Simply stack a variety of gummy sweets on a kebab stick to make it look crazily weird. Stack Haribo Starmix and Bebeto Jelly Worms with Vidal Teeth and Lips or Kingsway Jelly Dentures for a hilarious looking monster. You can package the candy kebabs for a gift with cellophane bags and tie them up at the bottom with ribbon.


Popcorn or sweet filled gloves are a popular creation for Halloween ‘monster paws’. Fill the fingertips of some thin, clear plastic gloves (that you might use for washing up) with some Kingsway Dracula Teeth cut into half. The Dracula teeth sweets should look like the fingernails of the Monster Paw. Then fill the rest of the glove with Eazy Pop Popcorn and tie the bottom up with ribbon or bag tie. Perfect for munching on whilst watching a horror movie or to give out as trick or treat bags.


One of the easiest ways of creating a yummy Halloween treat for a large number of people. Marshmallow ghosts are made by simply piercing some large Haribo Chamallows with a skewer to create a ‘lolly pop’ and drawing on little ghost faces and ‘boo’ text with an edible ink pen to bring Halloween life to them. You can make them as cute or scary looking as you want and children will love them.

For more tasty treats to discover and try out this Halloween, take a look at our website where you’ll find a whole range of sweets and chocolate for the spookiest time of the year. Why not invent a bizarre recipe of your own and let us know?

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