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Egg-cellent sweets for Easter from Appleton Sweets

With just under a week to go before Easter, take a look at our range of Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets. They really are egg-cellent!

BBB Assorted Surprise Eggs

The BBB Assorted Surprise Eggs are supplied by Bon Bon Buddies and are essentially a re-sealable plastic egg with a candy surprise inside. They are available in Spiderman, Disney Princess and Disney Pixar Cars themes and are the perfect Easter sweet for children!

Arriving in a box of 18, the Assorted Surprise Eggs cost £8.79 (ex. VAT) and £10.55 (inc. VAT).

Brain Blasterz Sour Candy Eggs

Another fantastic invention from Bon Bon Buddies, the Brain Blasterz Sour Candy Eggs are a sour Easter sweets that children will love.

The eggs arrive in a box of 18 count and cost £8.79 (ex. VAT) or £10.55 (inc. VAT) from Appleton Sweets.

Giant 1kg Gummy Fried Egg

You can’t get a more egg-inspired sweet than the Giant 1kg Gummy Fried Egg from Rose Confectionary. A perfect alternative Easter egg for children who prefer sweeties to chocolate, or simply a unique Easter treat or Easter gift, the Giant 1kg Gummy Fried Egg costs £5.99 (ex. VAT) and £7.19 (inc. VAT), and comes in a display pack.

Haribo Fried Eggs

Both egg-cellent and retro, the Haribo Fried Eggs are a firm favourite throughout the whole of the year as well as Easter, of course!

Soft, foam egg-shaped foam sweets that have a fruity flavour. What’s not to love?

What’s more, they’re a great price when ordered from Appleton Sweets, costing just £7.99 (ex. VAT) and £9.59 (inc. VAT).

Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs

There’s a touch of real Easter tradition nestled in the Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs, supplied by Tidmans.

A crunchy outer shell filled with tasty chocolate, the Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Eggs are perfect for Easter arts, crafts and displays.

They are an assortment of colours and cost £10.99 (ex. VAT) and £13.19 (inc. VAT) for a 3kg bulk bag.

Park Lane Mini Fried Eggs

An alternative to the well-known Haribo Fried Eggs, the Park Lane Mini Fried Eggs arrive in a smaller bulk bag (2.5kg) and are gummy fried eggs, perfect for an Easter treat!

The 2.5 kg bulk bag costs just £5.99 (ex. VAT) and £7.19 (inc. VAT) from Appleton Sweets.

More Egg-cellent Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets

Why not have a look at some more choices of egg-cellent Easter Sweets from Appleton Sweets? You’ll be spoilt for choice with our range of Easter sweets.

Have an egg-cellent Easter!