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Essential Valentine’s Day Sweets

11/02/2016 11:27

With only a few more days to go until Valentine’s Day (or, should we say, the most romantic day of the year!), you simply can’t be without the following Valentine’s day sweets:

Alma Hearts

Alma Hearts are supplied by Hannahs in a 120 count tub. They are strawberry flavoured pink hearts with smooth chocolate on one side and small pieces of pink and white candy sprinkles on the other side. With a delicious tasty strawberry flavour, Alma Hearts are sweetie essentials for Valentine’s day!

Barratt Pink and White Hearts

You simply can’t get enough hearts and flowers on Valentine’s day! The Barratt Pink and White Hearts will ensure you and your loved one have enough hearts to go around. Also called jelly love hearts, they are a tasty pink and white fruit flavour sweet that comes in the shape of a small heart.

Beechs I Love You Chocolates

Tell them you love them (forever and always!) with the Beechs I Love You Choccies…

Candy Bros Sweetheart Pops

Candy Bros Sweet Heart Pops are supplied by Candy Brothers, and come in a round tub. They are red, heart-shaped lollies that come individually wrapped, with a tasty, fruity flavour. A simple gift for Valentine’s day…don’t you think?

Chupa Chups Hearts Color and Dip

These are currently on special offer (just in time for Valentine’s day!) and are a lollipop with a tangy and tasty sherbet dip. The dip is a tasty cherry and strawberry flavour that will paint your tongue red!

Haribo Blue Heart Throbs

Haribo Blue Heart Throbs are supplied by Haribo and are a popular retro sweet that might just spur on some romantic memories in time for Valentine’s day. These blue heart-shaped soft foam jelly heart sweets come packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 3kg. What’s more, they have a real tasty, fruity flavour.

Haribo Heart Throbs

Is your heart beating in time for Valentine’s day? We love the Haribo Heart Throbs here at Appleton Sweets! Made and supplied by Haribo, the Heart Throbs are a popular retro sweet from the past. Everyone knows and loves these pink and white heart-shaped soft foam jelly heart sweets!

Jelly Bean Factory Sweethearts

And last but not least…Jump for joy this Valentine’s day with the Jelly Bean Factory Sweethearts. These heart-shaped assorted flavoured and coloured Jelly Beans come packed in jar and are full of 100% natural flavours. An ideal Valentine’s gift, or simply to share with your sweetheart! Ah…how sweet?

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