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Five of the most popular and traditional hard liquorice sweets around

23/10/2017 07:20

Five of the most popular and traditional hard liquorice sweets around

There are loads of people out there that simply love liquorice. What’s more, we’ve got a range of liquorice sweets available here at Appleton Sweets.

From Liquorice all-sorts to organic liquorice root, the choice of liquorice sweets from Appleton Sweets is varied and bound to please a range of customers.

Here are five of the most popular and traditional hard liquorice sweets that every confectionary store should offer their customers:

Liquorice Dried Root Sticks

Made by Crest the liquorice dried root sticks offer the ultimate organic liquorice sweet. With the appearance of wood, they don’t look like the most delicious sweet but have a fantastic liquorice taste. What’s more, these sweets are bound to capture the attention of the kids!

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Taveners Liquorice Comfits

Made by Tangerine, the Taveners Liqourice Comfits are bright and colourful hard liquorice sweets that look and taste great!

What’s more, despite the fact their bright colours look superhuman, they are made from only natural colours and flavourings!

Beneath their hard candy shell is tasty liquorice and that’s why it’s no wonder that these confits are one of Taveners’ best selling products!

Another hard liquorice sweet on offer from Taveners is the liquorice Torpedoes! Similar to the Comfits, the Torpedoes have a hard, bright-coloured candy shell surrounding delicious liquorice. Superb, huh?

Barkleys Liquorice Mints

Mint and liquorice? You can’t get much better than that! The Barkleys Liquorice Mint come in a sophisticated tin that has a traditional appearance. Arriving in a box of six, the Barkleys Liquorice mints are a premium product for your confectionary store.

Essentially, the tins contain small menthol flavoured liquorice sweets inside. They make a great gift for an adult and can be easily kept in the car or a handbag. Ideal!

Gibbs Liquorice Satins

Supplied by Golden Casket, the Gibbs Liquorice Satins are hard boiled liquorice sweets that will be loved by all the hardcore liquorice fans out there. Their slightly different colours will look great on any pick ‘n’ mix stand.

Bassetts Hard Liquorice Sticks

Bassetts keep it simple and sophisticated with their high-quality hard liquorice sticks. Bound to satisfy any liquorice lover, the Bassetts Hard Liquorice Sticks are supplied by Tangerine and arrive in a pack of 75 units.

More hard liquorice sweets from Appleton Sweets

Feel free to browse our range of liquorice and hard liquorice sweets from Appleton Sweets, we’re sure you’ll find one of our liquorice delights perfect for your confectionary store! 

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