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20/09/2016 10:12

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It wouldn’t be Halloween without some of your favourite sweets, and any retailer will tell you this is one of the biggest times of year for sweet sales. Luckily, Appleton stock a huge range of wholesale Halloween sweets, so you can be sure you’ve got something for everyone. Here’s our pick of some of the best sweets for the spooky season:


Vampire Boom Gumis are a brand new bubblegum flavour delight for Halloween. Whether it’s for personal consumption or to put in a pot for trick or treaters, everyone loves the distinct flavour of bubblegum. With a super fizzy flavour, the sweets are filled with a delicious liquid and are gluten free!


Zombie candy gum are one of our most popular sweets for Halloween so grab them while you still can as more stocks are coming in. The spookiest sweet of 2016, kids will love the gory looking, delicious tasting gum, there’s no doubt about it.


A large 3kg box of Hannah’s skulls can be bought from Appleton’s for a fantastic price of £7.99 (ex. VAT). The pink and white melt in your mouth skulls have always been a favourite for Halloween. With a tasty white chocolate flavour, they bring a mix to your ordinary Halloween sweet.


The original bran licker that everyone loves. The fruity flavoured liquid candy comes with a lick-able roller and brings a sour twang to Halloween fun. Kids love to take a risk and the brain licker is one to taste if you dare.


You can’t go wrong with these red, white and yellow chewy skulls. With beaming red eyes, these are perfect as part of a Pick ‘n’ Mix or trick or treat sweet for Halloween. The number of skulls you get for such a competitive price is fantastic!

  • VIDAL CREEPY JELLYvidal creepy jelly

Originally made in Spain, these creepy jelly sweets come in large bug-like shapes. They are hilariously fun for kids over the Halloween period and are always a popular buy. Their chewy taste and fruity flavours make them a creepy delight.


With plenty of stock at Appleton Sweets, these fruity Halloween favourites sell fast. A bulk bag of 3kg provides hundreds of Dracula Teeth to enjoy with the whole family. The Dracula Teeth come in bags of fizzy and original with something for all taste buds.


Selling out fast, these Jelly Dentures by Kingsway are our most realistic teeth providers yet! Their soft foam texture and tasty fruit flavour make them an all-time favourite sweet to scare your friends and family this Halloween.

Appleton Sweets have a wide range of wholesale Halloween sweets, so you can order online quickly and conveniently, with delivery from our UK warehouse. Browse our range today and find your favourites.

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