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Halal Sweets That Your Customers Will Love

30/08/2016 12:46

It’s more important than ever for shop owners to offer sweets that are suitable for a wide range of dietary requirements, and that’s why Appleton Sweets stock a huge range of wholesale Halal sweets.

Many shopkeepers have requested Halal versions of bestselling sweets, and most of the time their customers don’t notice the difference as the taste is so similar. Here’s a guide to Halal sweets, and some of the bestsellers that we have on offer.

wholesale halal sweets

What are Halal sweets?

Many gummy or chewy sweets are made with pork gelatine, which obviously isn’t suitable for Muslim customers. Halal sweets are made with beef gelatine that has been certified as Halal-friendly. There are strict requirements for Halal meat and other products, and so for sweets to be Halal certified, they must only use gelatine from Halal sources.

Do Halal sweets taste different?

Many people enjoy Halal sweets on a regular basis, and don’t notice the difference. There are several major brands who make Halal-friendly sweets, and unless you examine the ingredient list carefully, you’d never know that they were Halal.

What kind of Halal sweets are available?

There’s a huge variety of Halal sweets that are available for those with dietary restrictions. It’s mostly gummy sweets that fall foul of strict Halal rules, whereas many types of boiled sweets and chocolate don’t contain gelatine, so are Halal anyway.

Some of the specifically Halal sweets that we offer at Appleton Sweets include:

Candy cablesStrawberry cables and other fruity candy cables are favourites for many people. We offer Halal friendly versions in lots of different flavours.

Gummy sweets – We offer many varieties of pick ‘n mix sweets that are Halal friendly such as cola bottles, fizzy sweets, fried eggs, sour sweets, and much more, so there’s no need for those on Halal diets to miss out.

Gum – Gum contains gelatine, and so isn’t always Halal friendly. We offer a range of minty and fruity chewing gum that’s Halal approved.

Jawbreakers – Although jawbreakers have hard exteriors, they sometimes have a gummy centre, which may not be Halal friendly. We stock Halal approved varieties made by Zed.

What other specialist sweets could I stock?

If you are also getting requests for vegetarian or sugar free sweets, then Appleton Sweets offer a full range. We ensure that sweets in these ranges meet strict dietary requirements, but taste as good as the standard brands. Therefore, you can feel confident ordering from us.

Ordering wholesale sweets from Appleton Sweets couldn’t be easier. Our website is full of Halal-friendly sweets and other types of candy that meet strict dietary requirements. We offer low prices on your bulk orders, and quick delivery, so you can ensure your shop has something for everyone.

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