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22/09/2015 08:39

Halloween is a popular holiday all over the planet, especially in the USA and the UK. We celebrate the day by going trick or treating and collection delicious sweets along the way in all shapes and sizes. At Appleton sweets, we have an extensive range of halloween sweets in stock at all times to ensure that your night isn't scary!

Our range of candy ranges from bulk jelly gummies in the shapes of spiders or snakes to kids novelty products such as candy filled brain lickers as well as dracula teeth and zombie zoup candy containers! With such a large range of wholesale halloween sweets to share with you, we can guarentee that there will be something that covers all age groups and genders.

Due to our great relationship with all of the confectionery manufacturers, our range of spooky candy is very competitively priced and with such low prices, you can be sure that your halloween will be all about increased margins and growth not about spooky surprises and left over stock. We only stock the highest quality confectionery that we know sells during these holiday seasons.

zombie halloween sweets

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