Happy New Year from Appleton Sweets!

03/01/2017 16:24

happy new year

Happy New Year from us all at Appleton Sweets! We hope you have enjoyed the festive celebrations throughout December and have had an excellent start to the New Year.

Here at Appleton Sweets, we want the year of 2017 to be sweeter than ever and that’s why we’ve got even more wholesale sweets available at great prices!

Ultimately, we want to look after our wholesalers and that’s why we’re bringing you deals that are better than ever for 2017!

Take a look at some of the sweets we have available here at Appleton Sweets for your confectionary store in 2017!

Start the New Year with Buy One Get One Free Beechs Creams

That’s right, we’re offering the luxurious Beechs’ Creams for ‘Buy one get one free’! Choose from a range of flavours that are sure to dazzle your customers. Our range of flavours include: Choc Lemon, Dark Pineapple, Lime, Dark Choc Coffee, Chocolate Orange, Ginger Creams, Summer Strawberry and more!

As you can see, you are sure to impress in 2017 with the Beechs Creams from Appleton Sweets!

Don’t forget to add liquorice to your store in 2017

There is nothing that makes a confectionary store super sweet than good old-fashioned liquorice. Without liquorice, no sweetie store is quite complete!

That’s why here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve bought in brand new liquorice products for 2017! Choose from a range of liquorice products including liquorice rounds, diamonds, liquorice sticks, coins, buttons and more.

After all, you can’t go wrong with liquorice for 2017! The more choice, the better!

Pop a Pez product in your confectionary store in 2017

Our Pez products are becoming increasingly popular and are set to boom in 2017! What’s more, here at Appleton Sweets, we have a choice of Pez products available.

Kids will love the Pez Angry Birds, Pez Barbie, Pez Frozen and Pez Best of Pixar, just to start! And, we sell different flavour refills too! Definitely an excellent addition to 2017, don’t you think?

Prepare for Valentine’s Day and Easter

It is important to prepare for earlier events in 2017, like Valentine’s Day and Easter, and, with Appleton Sweets, you can do just that! We’ve got a range of love-inspired sweets for Valentine’s Day, including Haribo Heart Throbs, Swizzels Love Hearts, Vidal Peach Hearts and more!

We’ve also got Easter Sweets available too! Check out our surprise chocolate eggs and egg-inspired sweets too. They make perfect sweet treats for your Easter celebrations!

Contact us at Appleton Sweets for more sweet ideas for your 2017 stock.

If you’d like to find out more about the sweets that we have available for 2017, then please contact us at Appleton Sweets!

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