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Have You Heard Of These US Haribo sweets?

10/07/2019 21:39

Haribo Sweets That You May Not Recognize

It’s nearly a century since the first Gummibarchen (Little Gummy Bear) sweets were produced by Haribo. Still a great favourite here at Appletons, Haribo Bear sweets are essential for any sweet shop display. The Haribo brand offers so much more than just the traditional bears, and so much more than just gummi candy. There are jelly and mallows- even liquorice.

Have you heard of any of these Haribo varieties which are taking the United States sweet market by storm?

Happy Cola

The ultimate cola bottle, with a smiling bear on the bag and the promise, that “kids and grown-ups love it so…...”  A calmer sensation on the tongue than the classic fizzy cola.

Fruity Frogs

Who can resist an animal sweet? These cheeky chappies come in boxes of 300 and are pre-marked at 2p each. They could be incorporated into a Pic’n’Mix offer too. 

Sour Rainbow Twists

Multi-coloured, multi-flavoured twisted candy. Small enough to be one mouthful but packed with flavour. The sour chewy hit will open your eyes wide, whilst the sugar coating certainly softens the sour hit. 

Happy Cherries

Inviting fruit flavoured gummi candy in the shape of twin cherries on a chewy stem. Can be guzzled down in one hit or bitten into two and savoured. Buy them in our economical 120 piece box to maximise your sales.


These rolled up fruit delights are often called fruit wheels. A box of these contains 120 rolls of strawberry, apple, lemon and orange flavoured treats. Pre priced at 5p, who won’t be able to resist trying one of every colour?

Freaky Fish

These strange-looking wonders are actually more jelly than gummi candy. Firm, chewy jelly as only Haribo know how to create. Each sweet is multi-coloured and multi-flavoured and offers a hint of sour with the mouth-watering sweetness.


30 years ago, Haribo added the Maoam range to its family. Maoam offer another take on chewy candy and this mixture bag is a perfect introduction to those delights. Individual fruity chews, packed with refreshing flavour.

Jelly Beans

Did you know the jelly bean tradition can be traced back into the 19th century in America? And did you know that Haribo was a major manufacturer of these firm classics? Well, here is our large wholesale bag mixed with every flavour ready for you to weigh out for those eager customers.


Yellow Bellies

We could talk all day about Haribo and their amazing selection. Let’s finish off this little list with these yellow bellies. Large, mouthwatering, fruit-flavoured jelly snakes. They all have a soft, yellow, foam-like belly and a chewy, flavoured and multicoloured head and body. Pre-packaged at 10p in this box of 30, they offer a great markup.

All of our Haribo range is priced economically and ready for rapid shipping once you’ve selected which of their dozens of sweets you’d like to entice your customers with.

Contact us and get your Haribo journey started.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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