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How much of a Sweetie-Pie are you? 6 Tell-Tale Signs that you’ve got a Bit of Sweet-Tooth…

12/01/2016 07:33
How much of a Sweetie-Pie are you? 6 Tell-Tale Signs that you’ve got a Bit of Sweet-Tooth…

So, we’re just over a month away from Valentine’s Day when we all become a bit of a sweetie-pie. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably give a bought, or even handmade, gift to your other half to tell you how much you love them. Ahh….

But are you already a bit of a sweetie-pie? Take a look at the following 6 tell-tale signs that you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth…

1. You purchase your favourite childhood sweeties at least once a month.

We’re all fans of fond memories and love to munch on our favourite childhood sweeties from time to time. Whether you are a Cadburys chocolate fan or enjoy the odd Werther’s Original, at Appleton Sweets, we think that, if you buy your favourite childhood sweets at least once a month, you are well on your way to being a first-class sweetie pie.

We’ve got loads of retro sweets at Appleton Sweets that will have you taking a trip down memory lane. Take a look at our retro sweets here:

2. Your Pick’ n ’Mix Bag is never half empty.

When you’re choosing your Pick’ n ’Mix, there’s so much choice, you simply have to try all the sweeties going! Or perhaps you simply pick all your favourites and, as a result, have a full Pick’ n ’Mix bag that weighs well over 100g?

If when you get to the scales, you’re tipping towards the heavier side of your budget, you’re definitely a bit of a sweetie-pie!

3. You own a Sweetie Shop.

If you own a sweetie shop, then we’d say you are a true sweetie pie. Whether you own an ice-cream shop or an old-fashioned style sweet shop that sells a range of different sweeties from Sweetie Jars, if you’ve got your own sweetie shop, you’re definitely a true sweetie!

Did you know? We sell traditional sweet jars at Appleton Sweets. Take a look at this page on our website:

4. When you go out for dinner in a restaurant, you always opt for a desert.

If, when you go out for dinner at a restaurant, you don’t quite eat all of your main course because you’re ‘saving room for pudding’, then you undoubtedly have a sweeter tooth.

5. You’ve got your favourite sweetie brands.

When it comes to knowledge about the top sweetie brands, you’re covered. And this extends beyond Cadburys being your favourite kind of chocolate…

You’ll only opt for sweets from established sweet companies like Barrett’s, Maxons, Bristows and Jamesons, that you know have become a sweet tradition. 

6. You are a wholesale sweets trader!

You guessed it! If you are a wholesale sweets trader, then you really are the ultimate sweetie-pie! Appleton Sweets pride ourselves on our sweet tooth and think that this makes the best choice of wholesale sweets around!

Whether you border on the edge of having a sweet-tooth or are a number-one sugar addict, we’ve got all the sweets you’re looking for here at Appleton Sweets. Take a look at our website by clicking on the following link:

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