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How to Choose the Perfect Sweets for Any Occasion

30/08/2019 07:31

You know you’re going somewhere: to a party, for an anniversary dinner, to a friend’s house, to meet a partner’s friends, to your parents’ house. And you know that the people you’re going to be meeting have a sweet tooth - let’s face, who doesn’t? But how do you choose what sweets you should take with you? Because to be fair, sweets are the gift that will never go out of fashion.

What Sweets Should I Choose for Special Occasions? 

There is no point dithering about wine choice or what flowers to give someone, everyone loves sweets. And for those who are watching their weight or who are unable to eat sugar, not to worry, because now you can buy the most delicious sugar-free sweets.

But what if you the recipient is vegetarian or vegan? We’ve got you covered there with our fantastic range of vegan-friendly sweets. Or how about if they follow a halal diet? What sweets are you restricted to bringing? It doesn’t matter, because you can purchase halal-friendly sweets.

Seriously, whatever your concerns, here at Appletons we have your back - we have such a wide range of sweets for you to choose from, from dairy-free chocolate to sugar-free cola bottles, to vegan marshmallows and all the standard sweets in between.

So now that you know we can provide any manner of sweet, for any eventuality, let’s get back to it - how to find the perfect sweet for any occasion.

A party (or any other casual occasion)

You could play this one of three ways - you can go down the route of traditional sweets and offer up a variety of party favourites such as any of the Swizzles Matlow range. Or you could gift chocolate - because everyone loves chocolate.

Or to really make an impression and have some fun, why not select some American candy? Not only is American candy a niche gift to give in that the Americans have a quite unique take on sweets, but the flavours lend themselves to a party atmosphere very well, setting the mood for fun. That and they’re colourful and eye-catching.

Anniversary dinner

This calls for a more serious type of sweet, as an anniversary tends to be a more serious occasion. Outrageous American candy or a big bag of gummy bears aren’t really going to cut the mustard here. No, what you’ll be needing is something that conveys romance.

And what better sweet gift to give (to either a boy or a girl) than chocolate gift boxes? In fact, chocolate is synonymous with romance, so it would be remiss of you to gift anything other than chocolate for an anniversary.

Meeting a partner’s friends

This will require you to think outside of the box because if you haven’t met your partner’s friends before, or you’ve only met them a handful of times, the chances are you're not going to know what sweets they like and what they don’t like.

So why not offer them a range of options, say something in the retro sweets range should do the trick. Who doesn’t want to take a trip down memory lane and rediscover their lost youth through their sweet tooth?

To your parent’s house

Finally, you know your folks better than you know yourself. You know that your mum likes to tuck into a box of Maltesers after supper and that your dad is partial to a spot of fudge. So why not treat them to a selection of chocolates and sweets that you know are guaranteed to hit the spot?

And if you really want to score extra brownie points, and you know that your siblings are going to be there too, why not take a jar of Millions and exchange some tiny chewy sweets instead of punches?

Posted By Matt Appleton
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