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Kids and Grown-Ups Love Them So (the happy world of Haribo)

21/10/2019 13:39

At this time of year, with Hallowe’en fast approaching, thoughts can naturally turn to what to give the little trick or treaters who knock on your door. Do you give them some Hallowe’en specific sweets, such as Jelly Bones or Gummy Spiders


Or do you hand out Haribo, one of the UK’s best loved sweet brands? 


Haribo, the company founded in Germany in 1920 by Hans Riegel, the confectioner who began his journey into the world of sweets as soon as he left school in Bonn (hence the name of the company Haribo, this is an abbreviation of Hans, Riegel and Bonn), is home to so many household favourites. 


From Starmix, to Gold Bears, to Chamallows, Jelly Beans, Milkshakes, Cola Bottles and Liquorice, Haribo produce some of the most popular sweets in the UK.


Top of the list of our favourite Haribo offerings is Starmix, the popular mix of fruit and cola flavour gummy sweets that Haribo are renowned for, all in one bag. And now containing more popular favourites than ever - for example, gummy bears, gummy rings, fried eggs, heart throbs and of course, cola bottles. 


Side note - if you have a particular favourite out of the Starmix selection, did you know that we stock 3kg bags of all the different sweets? From fried eggs to cola bottles and friendship rings. We have each one. 


Hot on the Starmix tail is the tangy versions of these perennial favourites, also known as Tangfastics. Tangfastics are the original sour mix of sugar coated, super tangy sour gummies including fizzy cola bottles, sour cherries and sour crocodiles. 


But Haribo aren’t just famous for their gummies and jellies, they also have a wide range of Chamallows, vanilla flavoured mini pink and white marshmallows, or their Chamallow party bags containing vanilla flavoured marshmallows in an assortment of shapes such as twists and tubes, in yellows, pinks and whites. 


Other favourites include Maoams. From pinballs to sour bloxx to stripes, whatever your favourite Maoam mix is, we have it ready and waiting for you. 


For the vegetarians out there who want to indulge their sweet tooth, Haribo offer a vegetarian range, including Giant Strawbs. Giant Strawbs are both giant in size and giant in flavour. A chewy, strawberry flavoured sweet that replaces the typical gelatine with starch. Haribo also do a Halal range of sweets too. In fact, in the UK, Haribo offers over 100 different sub brands, many of which we stock here at Appleton Sweets, so you really don’t have to look far to get your Haribo fix!


Interestingly, if you’ve ever come across Haribo in another country, you might have spied a range of sweets that you haven’t encountered before, ones that aren’t available in the UK. The reason for this is that every country has their own range of Haribo sweet products. This is because each country has developed their own range of products to suit the tastes and the demands of their own consumers. 


Every country in the world has a slightly different idea of what a treat entails, and you might be surprised to learn that we all have different preferences for what tantalises our taste buds. 


Regardless of what our preferences are, the slogan for Haribo ‘kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo’ rings as true today as it did in 1920, because people of all ages continue to enjoy the sweet treats created by Haribo. 


So if you’re looking to stock up on Haribo sweets, you have come to the right place. We retail Haribo in individual bags through to 3kg tubs. Our selection of Haribo sweets is the largest offering in the UK and we are proud to stock almost the entire Haribo range. But if you think we are missing out on your favourite Haribo sweet, then please do let us know, so we can get it in.


Life really is sweet. 


Posted By Matt Appleton
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