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Last chance to pick your Mother’s day sweets

01/03/2016 11:29

With Mother’s day fast approaching this Sunday, if you haven’t got her present yet then take a look at these Mother’s day sweets! They’re traditional, sweet and she’s bound to love’em!

At Appleton Sweets, we stock a range of traditional sweets that will really treat your mum this Mother’s day. You’ll bring back nostalgic memories from your childhood, as well as her own childhood, of course!

So take a look at the following Mother’s day sweets that your mum shouldn’t have to miss out on this Mother’s day!

Bassetts Murray Mints

Bassetts Murray Mints are a very popular retro sweet from the past. The individually wrapped mint sweets are hard boiled, and have a unique and iconic mint flavouring. Your mum is sure to love them!

Jakemans Throat and Chest

All mums like to ward off coughs and colds. And what better way to keep germs at bay than with the Jakemans Throat and Chest hard boiled sweets? They are popular medicinal sweets that are wrapped for freshness.

Maxons Black and White Humbugs

Maxons Black and White Humbugs are pillow-shaped mint flavoured hard boiled sweets that mums (and Grandmas, in fact!) are sure to love!

Maxons Lemon Sherbets

Maxons Lemon Sherbets are yellow, hard-boiled, lemon-flavoured sweets with a sherbet centre. They’re a real (lemon-y!) blast from the past that your mum will be happy to receive this Mother’s day!

Maxons Small Pear Drops

Maxons small pear drops offer a real fruity flavour this Mother’s day! They are pink and yellow coloured, hard boiled, pear-shaped sweets and, what’s more, your mum is bound to love them!

Ross’s Violet Creams

Violet creams are a small sweet that has a violet cream taste. Made in Scotland, they definitely make for a unique, and tasty, Mother’s day gift.

Maxons Rhubarb and Custard

You can’t go wrong with a traditional rhubarb and Custard hardboiled sweet. They are simple yet fantastic! The pink and yellow hard boiled sweets have a traditional rhubarb and custard flavour that will bring a smile to your mum’s face this Mother’s day!

Not quite the Mother’s day sweets you are looking for?

Perhaps your mum is more of a chocolate, fudge or marshmallow fan, then don’t panic! We’ve got loads more sweets available here at Appleton Sweets! Simply browse our range of wholesale sweets and we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. Have a happy Mother’s day 2016!

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