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Must-have Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweets to order in time for Valentine’s Day

10/01/2017 07:09

pick mix valentines dayThere’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than cuddling up on the sofa in the evening and watching a film with your other half, accompanied by your favourite sweeties, of course!

Therefore, it is essential that you stock your confectionary store with some favourite Valentine’s day sweets.

And, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a variety of Pick ‘n’ Mix sweets for you to choose from. Take a look at the following must-have Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweets to order in time for Valentine’s Day.

What’s more, all the Valentine’s Day sweets at Appleton Sweets are available at fantastic prices, so you can make a significant profit this February, without having to overcharge your customers.

Haribo Blue Heart Throbs

A popular retro sweet from the past, the Haribo Blue Heart Throbs are a heart-shaped sweet with a tasty, fruity flavour and are perfect for Valentines day.

Haribo Heart Throbs

The more traditional version of the heart throb, the red-coloured heart-shaped Haribo heart throbs are a classic treat for Valentine’s Day.

They are a soft foam sweetie with a lovely fruity flavour and are one of Haribo’s many sweet delights!

Swizzels Love Hearts

Swizzels Love Hearts are an essential Pick ‘n’ Mix sweet for Valentine’s Day and contain 6 sweeties per pack!

What’s more, they’ll definitely add to the romance of Valentine’s since they feature a different love saying on every pack! "I Love You”, “You are cute” etc.…

Swizzels Love Heart Squashies

Ah, we all love a nice juicy love heart on Valentine’s Day. The Swizzels Love Heart Squashies are made by Swizzels Matlow and are offered at a great price here at Appleton Sweets!

Vidal Peach Hearts

The Vidal Peach Hearts are tasty, fruity sweets that are popular abroad, and are red and dark yellow in colour.

Because of their heart shape, they are perfect for a romantic occasion, particularly Valentine’s Day.

Pink Sweets

Pink Sweets are another kind of sweetie that are perfect for your Pick ‘n’ Mix selection this Valentine’s Day. Our choice of pink sweets ranges from yummy strawberry bon bons, to candy floss and candy floss flavoured sweets, as well as sugar mice, pink slush syrup, mini marsh mallows and more.

Whether you are a fan of pink Millions, pink mint rock sticks or sour strawberry sweets, you’ll find the perfect pink sweets to fill your confectionary store this Valentine’s Day here at Appleton Sweets!

More Valentine’s Day Sweets from Appleton Sweets

We have a huge range of sweets at Appleton Sweets that are simply perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether you opt for sweets that are heart-shaped, red in colour, chocolate-themed or other, you’ll find the perfect sweets for Valentine’s Day at Appleton Sweets.

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