Must-have Wholesale Chocolate for February

01/02/2017 08:16

February must have wholesale chocolate

It’s February, the month of love and another excuse to (yes, you guessed it!) treat yourself and your customers to some tasty chocolate! What’s even better is that, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a variety of wholesale chocolate for you to choose from that will go down a treat in your confectionary store.

Take a look at the must-have wholesale chocolate treats for February from Appleton Sweets.

A choice of wholesale chocolate that is sure to impress

Aero Milk Bubbly

The bubbly Aero Milk Bubbly chocolate bars are a special wholesale chocolate bar that will combine perfectly with your customers’ Valentine’s day Champagne this February!

The Aero Milk Bubbly chocolate bars from Appleton Sweets come in a case of 35 units and cost about £15 or £18, depending on whether or not you pay VAT. A favourite throughout the year, don’t miss out on the Aero Milk Bubbly bars this February!

Aero Milk Medium Bars

Perhaps your customers will prefer a minty version of the Aero Milk Bubbly (the mint Aero bar are another favourite chocolate bar, after all!).

The Aero Milk Medium Bars from Appleton Sweets are again a sure-fire wholesale chocolate favourite and are the same price as the Aero Milk Bubbly above.

Bonnerex Chocolate Brazils

The Bonnerex Chocolate Brazils are a fantastic, nutty choice of wholesale chocolate that are supplied by Rascals.

A great, chocolatey treat for February, the Bonnerex Chocolate Brazils cost £12.99 excluding VAT from Appleton Sweets (£15.59 including VAT).


There is simply no one who doesn’t need a Boost in the month of February, particularly those who haven’t had a holiday (or getaway) from the British winter weather.

An energy chocolate bar that will kick-start your customers when they need it this February, the Boost bars from Appleton Sweets cost £18.49 for 48 chocolate bars.

Cadbury Caramel Freddo

Another chocolate bar that won’t fail to make the customers (both young and old!) happy this February, the Cadbury Caramel Freddo bars from Appleton Sweets cost £9.39 (excluding VAT) and come in a box of 60! The perfect wholesale chocolate bar to get customers bouncing to your store this February!

Chocolate Bananas

Another winter energy boost, the Chocolate Bananas from Appleton Sweets are an unusual choice of wholesale chocolate that is always well-received by customers!

What’s more, they’re a real bargain and cost only £7.79 (excluding VAT), and feature 100 in a tub! Fantastic!

Get in touch with us at Appleton Sweets for more wholesale chocolate

If you’d like to find out more about our must-have wholesale chocolate, or would simply like to speak to us about our available wholesale chocolate at Appleton Sweets, then please get in touch!

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