New Giant Pez Dispensers

23/07/2015 08:59

We're really pleased to be able to announce today that we are increasing our large range of Pez even further today. In a recent meeting with Bon Bon Buddies, the official distributor of Pez Candy within the UK, they announced that we carry the largest range of Pez in the wholesale of the UK.

Today we introduce 2 new dispensers that have only just landed in the UK. These are the superb giant mickey mouse pez and the equally superb xxl minnie mouse disney pez. These are joined by the Hello Kitty large pez dispenser which has been part of our core range for over a year now. Month on month we see a large growth in popularity, especially in the seasonal months such as Christmas, due to the gift appeal of these dispensers.

Bon Bon Buddies supply us with many of novelty and childrens products including the popular range of Brain Blasterz candy. We hope that you enjoy viewing our range of Pez dispensers that include licenses such as Frozen, Marvel Avengers, The Simpsons and Finding Nemo.  

mickey mouse disney pez giant

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