Not just Coca Cola! We sell a variety of wholesale soft drinks at Appleton Sweets

14/09/2017 15:44

Not just Coca Cola! We sell a variety of wholesale soft drinks at Appleton Sweets

While we all know and love the traditional wholesale soft drinks, like Coca Cola, 7up, Pepsi, Dr Pepper and Fanta. It’s always great to sell a complete range of flavours and brands to please a range of customers and offer different products. After all, many people can be pleasantly surprised with a change of usual stock offerings!

From Fanta Grape, Grapefruit and Mango to Jolly Rancher sodas and more, you’ll find a huge variety of wholesale soft drinks in our range at Appleton Sweets.

Browse just a few of our wholesale soft drinks below.

Appletons Slush Syrup

The slush syrup from Appleton Sweets is available in a huge choice of flavours. From Pink Bubblegum to Purple Grape, to Tropical, Strawberry and more, there are plenty of slush flavours to discover at Appleton Sweets. Your customers will absolutely love tasting all the different flavours too!


You can’t have a range of wholesale soft drinks that doesn’t include 7UP and here at Appletons, we sell 7UP in cases of 24 cans.

Kool Aid wholesale soft drinks

Have you heard of Kool Aid drinks? Whether you have seen them before or not, you should know that we have loads of flavours here at Appleton Sweets. Strawberry and Kiwi, Tropical Punch and Pink Lemonade are to name just a few!

wholesale soft drinks


Whether it is standard, cherry vanilla, throwback or wild cherry we’ve got the Pepsi you are looking for at Appleton Sweets!

Jolly Rancher

The Jolly Rancher sodas come in an exciting mix of flavours, including Grape, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple and Blue Raspberry.

Hershey Chocolate Milk

Hershey Chocolate Milk can make for a fantastic addition to your soft drinks fridge. Made in the USA, the chocolate milk drinks contain full milky goodness and come in a box of 21 count.

Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Coca Cola Vanilla

That’s right, we’ve got them all here at Appleton Sweets so you can make sure the fridge shelves are fully stocked.

Flamin Moe’s Energy Drink

Most of your customers will probably not have seen this energy drink before, but may be tempted by it when they see it in your confectionary store, particularly if they’re a fan of The Simpsons!

More wholesale soft drinks from Appleton Sweets

If you would still like to find more wholesale soft drinks, then browse our exciting range at Appleton Sweets. 

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